Hey Loves! I’ve been working on some DIY projects to liven up my home for this current Spring and Summer. They are all easy to make and super cute to have around the home. Here are 5 projects for you to try out with friends, family or just you! Have fun creating!

Come join me!
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DIY 1 / Upcycled Plates:
Old plates / matte spray paint / multi-surface craft paint (JoAnn’s or Micheals Craft stores) / clear coat spray.

DIY 2 / Crystal Terrarium:
Agate crystal geodes can be found in stores such as Urban Outfitters, Home Goods or Anthropologie.
White sand purchased from Micheal’s and Jo Ann’s Craft store
Air plants can be found here: http://bit.ly/2pLvRd7 or stores like Home Depot and local nursery.

DIY 3 / Zen Garden Mat :
Mat from Home Depot for $2
Polished Stones can be found at dollar stores, home depot or here: http://bit.ly/2qsXa8g

DIY 4 / Planter Shelf:
Wood Slab from Jo Ann’s Fabric and Craft Stores
Rope cord from Home Depot
Copper Paint from Michael’s craft store

DIY 5 / Botanical Wreath:
Leaves, ring and Welcome sign from Jo Ann’s Craft store




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