In this video I show five ways of making sleep masks (or blindfolds) shaped like animals – easy DIY Unicorn, Owl, Bat, Kitty and Panda Sleep Masks tutorial. Comfortable, useful and absolutely adorable.

The sleep mask is a highly needed accessory for me! I usually edit videos till morning, so these eye masks help me a lot. They block the light and I can fall asleep fast. And when I wake up – I feel pleasant relief after tight sleep. So hope my sleeping masks will help you to relax and have a child sleep even at day.

Oh! And these masks are great as headbands too!

I show all measurements of my cute blindfolds – mask base and every decoration detail (such as eyes, ears, feathers, unicorn’s horn, etc).

I start with DIY Panda Sleep Mask.
For this project you will need black and white felt and elastic band.

The second sleeping mask is a DIY Kitty Sleep Mask.
Materials: white, pink and black felt, elastic, pink ribbon (for a bow).

The third eye mask – DIY Unicorn Sleep Mask.
You’ll need: white, black and blue felt, elastic, silver ribbon (to decorate a horn), yarn (for mane) and I used rhinestones, to decorate unicorn’s cheeks 🙂

Next DIY – Owl Sleep Mask.
Use brown and beige felt for base and feathers, black and white for eyes, and a little piece of yellow felt for beak.

And the last, fifth, sleeping blindfold is an unbelievable Bat! Lol
All you need is a black felt, black elastic and two rhinestones for eyes. Or you can glue two pieces of yellow or white felt instead. It looks absolutely fantastic!

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