48 Striking Halloween Wedding Dresses

How do you imagine a Halloween wedding dress? If a couple decided to have an original Halloween-inspired wedding, then a unique dress of black or some bright color with Gothic touches would be an ideal thing, to my mind. I’ve gathered some fantastic ideas and I’m ready to share them with you, take a look to get inspired!
Non-Black Halloween Wedding Dresses
Non-black Halloween wedding dresses are very non-typical, and you can find some very chic options. For example, a bold red dress is bright and attracts attention, some Gothic or steampunk touches will give a style to your look, a navy one is pure elegance, there are lots of black and white and black and gold lace dresses and ballgowns for an ultimately romantic and refined bridal look. There are some more colorful gowns, even a pumpkin-colored one, so use your imagination to strike your guests! Accessories like veils and headpieces and even scary makeup will help you complete the look.

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