One second would be all a cat owner would need if he was to remember a funny instance with his furry friend ! Cats are somehow super positive creatures that manage to bring a really good mood really easily despite their immense lack of interest, they are curious, they are fluffy and somehow naive, they can make you laugh easily and every now and then, some more than others, they seek affection as well ! The list that follow contains easy homemade diy cat toys and accessories that aim to give the little one more comfort and more toys, we invite you to cast a glance and let us know what you find interesting !  

1. Epic two level coral hanging cat bed 


A level of comfort surely ain`t enough for our feline friend, we know it too well, comfort is key. Aesthetics should not be overlooked either, here teal with a really elegant, royal inspired gold tree describes a really interesting look, fit for the lovely furry companion.

via etsy

2. craft an a diy cat condo out of original wine crates


Sumptuous, elegant, royal, what material can suit a kitten better than original wine crates, items with tradition that tickles their ego. Use these to craft something graphic and use sufficient scratching surfaces to trigger their play interest.

via etsy

3. simple and effective cat brush scratching INSTALLMENT 


via Ana Julia

4.transform a wooden shelve into a diy cat palace


The procedure is rather simple as any regular IKEA shelf can be disassembled to become a cool corner palace for your furry friend, choose surfaces that your feline finds scratch-worthy and you are good to go !

via Laurie Crawford

5. branches and fluffy surfaces cat tree kingdom

A really easy craft to realize that will definitely be of interest for your your kitten, one that offers it entire new levels of happiness through comfortable platforms of observation and new scratch surfaces to play with. It is also worth noting that there you`ll need little to no costs to craft this.


6. DIY cat Tree Made with Real Branches Featuring Greenery


Just like the craft above, Brittany used real branches to create an awesome cat toy that uses real branches. Brittany went the extra mile an added some faux leaves that bring color into the picture thus enhancing the naturalness of the ensemble.


7. all wood diy cat playground


Several branches can be tied together by simple wood platforms, beautifully sculpted to highlight the naturalness of the ensemble. All you need is a hand saw, nails and if possible, a jig-saw to cut the contour easier. Do your best to pick interesting branches that have several ramifications, these will add a different dimension to the ensemble that you and the furry friend will find interesting in the end result.


8. diy wooden box cat bed


A simple wooden box can become rapidly so much more, you`ll be needing a colorful texture, a tad of paint to stencil the name of the little one and you are good to go. Some sort of sponge or an old pillow could greatly enhance the comfort of the pet also.


9. epic diy cat scratching post


The craft is insanely esay to realize, you will need a wooden post, plywood, carpet, staple gun, some sort of grue and L brackets, almost all these can be salvaged from old projects or from the scrapyard thus minimizing the cost a great deal. You will know what carpet you need to use to make the pole attractive, the cat surely already pointed out a winner in your home.


10. Old Drawer Becomes Cat Luxury Bed


A really simple craft if you take it step by step, a craft with an extraordinary customization degree, one that you control entirely, insanely easily. You`ll be needing an old drawer or an old wooden box that can receive the treatment of a drawer, you can add some old drawer handles or knobs for that exquisite look; you decide whether the drawer receives legs or not and if you paint the drawer a certain color, if you upholster it in a certain fabric using a staple gun or if you lave the wood bare, all up to you. In the drawer, an old pillow is recommended to boost comfort.


11. Awesome Geometric DIY Cat Skyscraper 

Certain crafts are simply to awesome to be described, they are indeed but we are going to do our best ! The overlapped box game above gains a really distinct, interesting, geometric play thank to its sculpted edges and circular windows; the wood naturalness also boosts the ensemble overall. It is worth nothing that furs contained exude a coyness that can hardly be matched by anything else and yet to make things even more interesting, the stairs leading to the skyscraper are cantilevered thus emphasizing the feeling of space and a very cool airiness that we greatly appreciate.

A great effort has been made to offer the furry friends sublime comfort in a really graphic manner, a simple expression with an extraordinary result overall.

via Pinterest

12. epic DIY Smart Cat Door Climber

The principle is extraordinarily simple, one could easily realize the playful tiered toy at home yet if time is an issue, see the link below, your cat will surely find it interesting !

Available for purchase here.

13. Salvaged DIY CAT Mouse Toys 

They look adorable, the texture chosen make them timeless, really graphic, especially for a cat toy, this would be a toy that would not alter the aesthetics of your home if left randomly in the house.


14. Craft DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toys

Compared to simple, up-cycled textiles, felt may be a more appealing material to kittens, it is also super easy to work with and it can be found in really awesome colors that you can mix and match to create something interesting.


15. Rope DIY Cat Scratching Post

A simple and insanely durable, resilient craft that will entertainment your cat for years and years to come. You can dye the rope at home to match it to the rug or carpet below or you can purchase it already colored; leaving it bare functions as well.


16. Craft a sculptural PVC Pipe ensembles wrapped in yarn

Extraordinarily creative craft able to shape a really dynamic cat toy, one that you can customize great deal, this piece can be fit onto the wall, completely independent, short or long with variable girth, it can even sculpt a long route around the apartment at a certain height, one that would not interfere with human activities. The yarn can be natural or dyed, infinite customization opportunities that can be realized rather easily thanks to pvc pipes.


17.  Epic WRECKING Ball Inspired DIY cat bed

A great craft for Halloween, one that will surely scare a few fellas while they roam the house looking for candy.


18. DIY Cat Beds On Another Level Entirely

Here two wide PVC pipes hold two yarn baskets, all wrapped in something that would suffice the cat`s scratching instinct. In the baskets, two furry surfaces await the royal couple.

via Pinterest

19. DIY Cat Self petting Brushes

The DIY Project itself is really swift but that is not the biggest selling point, the immense selling point is that the cat themselves will find great comfort in this toy and they will free up some of your time, petting themselves with the new, inexpensive cat toy. The items that make a difference in this craft ? Toilet brushes !


20. DIY wall mounted cat SCRATCHER 

A piece of pipe, preferably PVC can be anchored onto the wall and wrapped in yarn, this small installment ought to raise the interest of your furry friend and its greatest advantage is that one can install it anywhere, in a small corner between doors, above a door itself, in the mudroom, living room or kitchen, you make the rules.


21. Adorable DIY Yarn Wrapped Cat Toy 

The image above is inexplicably beautiful, adorable, simply cast a glance at the furry`s face ! You can realize the craft above with an old plastic toy that you can wrap in yarn. It will take a great deal of patience and time to obtain the neat effect above but the result is certainly worthwhile.


22. wood and yarn sculptural scratching post

A project that can be realized entirely out of salvaged wood, possibly wooden pallets, beautifully tailored into a base and post that you ought to sculpt in to create the rotation, swirling effect that you see above; power tools, experience and protection equipment can help you realize the cuts easily yet if these are not a tool in your arsenal the post can remain square or it can be replaced with a branch that would exude the naturalness that you pursue without your input. Don`t forget the yarn ! You can wrap the entire post or small segments to create a rhythm that your kitten may enjoy; colorful yarn is an option as well !


23. Luxurious DIY Cat Apartment For Royal Felines 

You can always go the extra mile and create a kitten heaven that would seamlessly integrate into your modern furniture ensemble, you just have to put your mind to it, it is simple to realize yet it somehow looks dangerous, unnatural, presenting a lot of corners, edges in which both the human and the furry friend can get hurt. How do you see the piece above?

via Ank van Meerkerk

24. RECYCLED paper DIY Cat Bed

The craft will keep you busy for a while but it will repurpose a lot of paper in the process. You can get inspired by the weaving process above only to materialize a design of choice later on, you decide how you use the technique. The color patchwork design looks extraordinarily well too yet paper can be filtered out by the colors contained if need be.


25. DIY PVC Pipe Cat Bed

The super simple craft can be realized rapidly and for the creature`s comfort it can be placed over a radiator during winter, you can use the same technique to rapidly scale this up to a construct of your own mind; needless to say that the fabric itself can be changed and cleansed rapidly.


26. transform a small IKEA Stepper Stool into a cat suite

A simple IKEA hack for which you will need rope, scratchy surfaces and an hour of two of patience to realize the craft. The feline will surely appreciate your efforts  !


27. Small DIY Cat Tree

A few branches, faux lives, rope to tie things together and a scratchy surface on top of a piece of plywood, that is literally all you need, nothing else. The small tree can emphasize your decor with a bit of green yet the furry one will be the one really excited about the new addition.

via Amy Cicconi

28. DIY cat Hammock and Bed

One mundane cardboard box can become both a cat hammock and a cat bed, a few piece of textiles, possibly up-cycled bed sheets, pillow covers or tablecloths can easily do the trick.


29. TRANSFORM suspended shelves

Simple shelve consoles can be modified to create a vertical labyrinth for your furry friends, use your creativity to shape something original, tailored to layout, something that would not interfere with your current furnishings. Such ensembles can also be puchased yet we all know that is far better to adapt these to your setting.


30. Simple DIY Cardboard Pom Pom Maker

Pom Poms may be everything you need for your fluffy friend, they`re super funny even when left randomly around the house, they can be super super colorful and they are easy to make. This naturally opens up great possibilities, you can scale these to create awesome awesome stuff.


31. use a simple hoop to realize pom poms 

A different method to create the marvelous pom poms rapidly, use them to boost color and entice your furry friends.


32. Learn how to craft pom poms with a coathanger

A third technique that constructs pom poms rapidly thus allowing you to win the day !


33. Create Epic Rugs from Old T-Shirts

The image above describes a simply extraordinarily rug, one constructed with T-shirts, in this case, highly colorful ones that develop a gradient. A beauty for feet and eyes alike.


34. pom poms construct an epic rug

Fluffiness attracts fluffiness. A simple pom pom is interesting indeed yet a bunch scaled can create a really cool surface that can be mounted in the vertical plane just as in the horizontal one, regardless of choice spreading happiness in the eyes of the feline and the homeowner alike. In the example above, the splendid gradient helps the piece double easily as wall art in its setting.


35. 3D DIY Pom Pom Rug

Yes, the tutorial was meant for humans, indeed, yet the extraordinary result might be better appreciated by the pretentious felines in their playground or cat bed one might imagine. The simple, repetitive process allows you to start this project at any time as you can work on it across several weeks, every now and then creating one more pom pom and adding it to the rug.The extraordinary secrets behind the really voluptuous look stand in the pom pom`s different size and colors and their density, as you can clearly notice they are a lot jammed into a small surface thus creating a really awesome effect.


36. Cardboard to Pom Pom Technique 

Cats will love them individually as toys and scaled on a surface for comfort, you decide how you use them.


37. Pom Pom Wall Hanging Doubling as Cat Toy

A piece of driftwood on which colorful pom poms are anchored can work beautifully as wall art and a cat toy alike. It goes without saying that certain cats have no attraction to pom poms or toys in ensemble for that matter but if your furry one is into pom poms, she`ll love this, especially when it moves around, triggered by the homeowner.


38. DIY Upcycled Paper Cat Rug 

Swift, colorful and somehow, sustainable as it up cycles paper, it reuses the energy invested into the piece of paper once more before hitting the recycling center. Paper in this shape entices the furry friend due to the noise it makes on one hand and due to the really unusual texture on the other. He will be curios at the very list, it might even become his favorite spot ! It is worth nothing that this rug cannot be cleansed and therefore it will have a rather short lifespan but the advantage is that it holds excess cat hair trapped between the pieces of paper somewhat.


39. Brilliant T-Shirt DIY Cat TENT

diy tshirt cat tent

Probably the easiest and the most rewardful tutorial in our list, one that simply cannot be overlooked if your first kitten joined the family and you don`t know where to start from.


40. DIY Candy Cat Toys

One colorful fluffy sock wrapped around a small plastic bottle can form an immense, colorful candy, one that is often very appreciated by the small felines as it is quite noise when tossed around; it also rolls and it also furry`ish, a quite compelling package.


41. Ingenious DIY Magnetic Cat Toy

For the cat it might look like a simple pendulum that moves around, the DIY project is easy to realize too happily but rewards are far out of the realm of “easy”. Give this magnetic cat toy a chance !


42. DIY Wand Toy

A simple play before feeding your cat ? One DIY Wand Toy will do ! They are super easy to realize and yet highly effective !


43. Homemade DIY cat Rattling Toy 

One small plastic bottles and some corn and you are good to go. Feel free to paint the corn so it attracts the cat visually too or if you can , replace them with something similar that does the job, you need to make sure that the plastic bottles rattles in the process, that is all.


44. DIY Sphere Cat Toy Made Out of Toilet Paper CardboarD

The easiest and the least expensive diy cat toy in our list can be constructed in three minutes. You can paint this every now and then to make things interesting but the project is rewardful even then !

Source Unknown

45. Easy To Crochet Cat Toy

If your crocheting is a tool in your DIY arsenal you already know how much more opportunities do you have, how far greater projects you can realize, just cast a glance at the epic example above ! One new piece of epicness at your grasp that will make your furry friend happy !


46.  DIY Cattail Catnip Toy 

It can be realized with one seam, that is all you are going to sew for this epic cattail catnip toy, your cat will love it and fully appreciate its owner for the craft ! Keep in mind that kittens ignore catnip and not all cats actually love catnip but most of them do and if they do, you surely know by now that you should limit their contact to catnip, maybe let them play with it once or twice a week to avoid desensitization. Craft away !


47. Happiness is in the Little things

In the link below you will find no less than 12 diy handmade cat toys, organized per days, simple and epic crafts, just like the one above !


From simple to complicated, the DIY cat toys above are meant to make you and the little furry one happy ! We all know how many smiles are these small creatures provoking, we all know how easily they can bring on a good mood, we all know how much we love them and we would surely be willing to craft for them !

What do you think ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !


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