The undercut is a perfect match for curly hair. It’s an awesome way to modernize your look if you have curly or wavy hair and you’re tired of looking in the mirror. Adding an undercut or even an under shave to your look is an incredible way to get the best of both worlds. One the one hand you get to keep your lovely curls while on the other you have a modern and urban look. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best 45 undercut with curly hair styles you need to know about.

1. Basic Undercut with Curly Hair

This is what your basic undercut with curly hair looks like. The hair in the back and on the sides has been chopped off using a machine and only the portion on top remains intact so that everyone can bask in the glory of your gorgeous curls.

2. Mens Curly Fringe

If you have curly hair and an undercut, you can always go for an edgier look and let your bangs grow out a bit. If they reach jaw-length level, you can part your hair on one side and let them hang loosely. You won’t believe just how cool that looks.

3. Dark Copper Undercut with Curly Hair

Let’s talk about color. The following part of our article is dedicated to the amazing combo between the undercut and curly hair to which a superb color has been added. The first stop on our list is this incredible dark copper which you know is so fashionable right now thanks to the new metallics trend.

4. The Blue Brush

This haircut is called the brush and it’s not difficult to see why. The sides have been trimmed down and almost shaved into non-existence so that they give the appearance of a slimmer figure while the hair itself is square, tall, and rigid. In this case, it’s also neon blue.

5. Pastel Pink Undercut with Curly Hair

Will pastels ever go out of style? We hope not because they look utterly amazing. In fact, we’ll go so far out as to say one cannot go wrong while wearing pastel. Just look at this wonderful dusty pink mixed with a touch of lilac.

6. Blonde Undercut with Curly Hair

A more classic choice and combination when it comes to color is the natural brown mixed with the bottle blonde shade. The brown goes underneath, of course, forming the base, while the bottle blonde is meant for the super curls on top.

7. Cherry Cola Undercut with Curly Hair

The color on top of this disarrayed brush cut is called cherry cola, and it’s one of our favorites. You can see that this model combined it with his natural brunette, while also adding a hair design in the back. He could use a bit of trimming though, because his brush cut is not so neat anymore.

8. Turquoise Undercut with Curly Hair

We also call this the turquoise wisteria curls. Why? Because the curls themselves resemble drooping wisteria flowers in full bloom. The basis here is a natural brunette as well, and you should remember this little trick no matter what color you’re planning on dying your own hair.

9. Three Color Undercut

Using his natural brunette as a base, this model has also added a layer of flaming red in the middle and one of cool blue on top. We applaud the level of perfection to which this coloration job was taken. The layering here is stunning.

10. Platinum Undercut with Curly Hair

We continue our countdown of the most amazing colors for curly hair with this one of a kid platinum shade. You can see how the discoloration has led to a touch of gold in it, which is exactly what you should be striving for because it’s classy and funky.

11. Peacock Undercut with Curly Hair

This is, by far, our favorite color of them all. It’s a super short brush haircut in a peacock combination. It starts off not with the usual brunette base but with a nude one which can be barely seen in the back and on the sides. The top is a mix of powdery blue and green, which highlight the model’s startling clear blue eyes.

12. The Blue Buzz Cut

Speaking of blue, here’s a curly blue buzz cut for you. Just as the brush, the buzz cut originated in the military as well. It became so widespread that, in the end, it simply made its way into popular culture and civilians started wearing it as well.

13. Bed Head Undercut with Curly Hair

Since our current fashion and style rules seem to prize the idea of bed head and ‘I woke up like this’ more and more, you can cultivate it as well. The good news? You get a head start because your naturally curly hair will help you imitate that gorgeous bed head look. Get it? A head start?

14. Mens Wavy Undercut

Wavy hair is an equal a blessing as curly hair. However, you might find that styling is just as difficult, if not more. That’s because some of it is curly and some is straight. We recommend you search some YouTube tutorials and ask your stylist for some pro tips.

15. Hairstyles for Guys with Thick Curly Hair

So, your hair is not only curly, but it’s thick and heavy as well. Don’t fret or panic because we have the solution for this little problem too. First of all, the undercut with curly hair is definitely the style for you, as it will shave some of the volume off. Second of all, invest in high-end moisturizers.

16. Afro Undercut with Curly Hair

African American hairstyles are some of the most beautiful in the world and we completely support guys who want to showcase them in all their natural beauty and glory. Here is an undercut with an Afro that has a very long top.

If you’re interested in more hairstyles for black men with long hair, here’s an entire article dedicated to this topic.

17. Haircuts for Boys with Curly Hair

If you happen to be in high school or college, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Girls love boys with curly hair. Therefore, under no circumstances should you cut it, shave it off or straighten it out in any way. Style it with some mousse and watch what happens. Trust us!

18. Cool Curly Hairstyles for Guys

Being cool is more than just copying a look from a magazine or something you saw on Pinterest or Instagram. It’s all about the attitude, accessories you wear, how you wear them, and, of course, your hairstyle.

19. Hipster Curly Hair

Hipsters are now notorious for building their entire subculture on borrowing from other time periods and decades and making them their own in a very cool, modern, and fresh way. Just look at these retro dandy curls perched on top of an under shave.

20. Sweetheart Curls

Speaking of amazing curls, how about some sweetheart ones? If you happen to have them naturally, you can consider yourself lucky. Not a lot of people do, let alone men. However, if you don’t, you can think about getting them, because girls will simply swoon over them.

21. Good Haircuts for Curly Hair Guys

One of the best haircuts you can try when you have curly hair is this fake mohawk or fauxhawk. It’s essentially an undercut with the curly top left intact, which runs straight from the forehead to the back of your head.

22. How to Style Curly Hair for Men

Styling curly hair is difficult but not impossible. It all depends on the results you’re looking for. This shaggy, caught in the rain look, for example, would require lots of gel or wax in your hair to replicate that wet appearance.

23. Silver Undercut with Curly Hair

Another amazing color which you can try is silver platinum. In other words, it’s a whiteish blonde, which we call platinum, that has some silver streaks running all through it to give it some depth and the illusion of volume.

24. Vintage Undercut with Curly Hair

While this is not really a vintage photo from the beginning of the last century, thick how amazing a selfie like this would look on your Insta account. All you need to do is style your curly hair correctly and find the right filter.

25. Dandy Undercut with Curly Hair

A little dandy never hurt nobody, right? How would you dress and style yourself if you were invited to one of Gatsby’s amazing parties? Ruffled turn of the century curly hair, checkered shirt, and white bow tie, right?

26. The Wedding Hairstyle

Yes, we have the perfect undercut with curly hair in case you need to attend a wedding as well. And guess what? It works for all occasions. If you’re a guest, a best man, the groom himself or even a simple plus one.

27. Hard Part Undercut with Curly Hair

A hard part is a special type of side part in your hair which your stylist or your barber has to create using a razor. When you have curly hair, you can use it as a border between your undercut and the swirling locks of beauty and manliness you own.

28. Modern Haircuts for Men with Curly Hair

What’s in a modern haircut? It has to have an undercut or an under shave, some curly or at least wavy hair that has been puffed up into a pompadour, a shape that imitates the old mohawk, and a very well-groomed beard.

29. Retro Undercut with Curly Hair

If you have this particular hairstyle with an undercut and curly hair, then your Halloween costume for this year is already lined up. You can be a soldier from World War I who sits idly in the trenches writing love letters to his beautiful fiancée back home.

30. Hair Designs

Hair designs or hair tattoos as they are otherwise known, can come in any shape and size you want. The only thing limiting you is your own imagination. You can get a geometric pattern, cartoon characters or Captain America’s shield.

31. Viking Undercut with Curly Hair

Here’s a fabulous haircut inspired by the Vikings themselves. Evidently, you will have to commit to it and grow a bushy beard as well, so as to complete the look and please Thor and Odin, the Viking gods of old.

32. Finger Waves

Retro haircuts are all the rage right now and you are in luck because you can transform your curly hair into anything you want as far as vintage hairstyles are concerned. Such as this 1920s inspired cut with finger waves on one side, slicked with brilliantine.

33. 50s Undercut with Curly Hair

Speaking of retro, how about a curly hairdo inspired by the rebel without a cause himself? This is the modern James Dean, complete with retro sunglasses and sun-kissed locks. The bomber jacket is a must here.

34. The Oxford Undercut with Curly Hair

We’re not done with classical haircuts because here is the Oxford itself. Originally worn by young men who came to read at Oxford, the style quickly spread through all classes of society because it’s simply too gorgeous to look at.

35. Trendy Haircuts for Men with Curly Hair

This is a dark caramel undercut with curly hair that is simply impossible not to look at because of the color. It’s so rich and fabulous that it could just be your next fall choice. Wear it with a similar cardigan or sweater to bring it out even more.

36. Mens Curly Hair Long on Top Short on Sides

When it comes to an undercut with curly hair, if you’re brave enough, there really is only one rule – the longer the better. Keep the undercut to a minimum and the rest of the hair in long and luscious curls.

37. The Top Knot

You know it really well by now. It’s been on everyone’s lips since its inception, alongside its brother, the man bun. But just look how cool and artistic it looks when you have an undercut with curly hair. We really think you should give it a try.

38. Latest Curly Hairstyles for Men

The latest hairstyles for men with curly hair include, of course, an undercut and a beard. But you already knew that because you’re fashionable and stylish. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. What you didn’t know is that you need to get creative and original and find your own sense of fashion.

39. Taper with Curly Hair

This is a very high afro with a temple fade that will elongate your face and highlight your jawline. It will also add a few inches to your height in case you need them. But the most important thing of all is that it’s a very cool and modern haircut that will have all eyes on you no matter what.

40. Long Curly Hair on Men

Long and curly hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have very long locks flowing down your back. In the modern version it actually means a pompadour or a quiff which you can grow at the front of your head.

41. The Dip Dye

Are you wondering how you could add even more coolness to your already cool hair? We know how. Meet the dip dye. You can do it any color combination you want but this is the classic natural brown with blonde tips.

42. Short Hair Cuts for Men with Curly Hair

Mixing several hairstyles at the same time can be real eye candy when you know what you’re doing. This is an undercut with orange red, curly hair, and a wonderful, free-flowing hair design. The big diamond earring is just the icing on the cake.

43. Afro with yellow Tips

Let’s stay on that track of combining ideas for a second more and take a look at this. It’s an oversized afro with an undercut, a hard part, and frosted tips painted in marker yellow. Not to mention the earring and huge lip tattoos which seem like they came from two different girls.

44. The Flat Top

In case you’re looking for a more demure aspect, here’s the flat top for you. As the name suggests, it’s a conglomerate of curls that go on top of your head and over the undercut which has been flatted out.

45. The Ivy League

We’ve already seen the Oxford, so now it’s time to peak at the Ivy League. It’s a beautiful undercut with curly hair that works mostly during the fall when you can pair it up with cardigans, sweaters, and woolen scarves.

Here are the 45 undercut with curly hair styles for men we promised. They include afros, hairstyles for guys with thick curly hair, modern haircuts for men with curly hair, taper with curly hair, haircuts for boys with curly hair, and many more ideas which you can show your stylist during your next visit. Which one was your favorite?

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