45 Ideal DIY ideas with recycled furniture

It has never been more meaningful to say “nothing is being recreated, but it is always transforming” to this day. At a time when the importance of sustainability is needed, DIY projects – made by yourself, that is – are becoming more and more common. They take care of the house, the garden office with pieces, furniture, and decorative objects.

Original, simple wooden DIY furniture from tree trunks new ideas

The best thing about recycling furniture in the decor is that a transformed piece is something unique, original and personalized. If it’s a better old piece. It will bring a story behind all the changes that have been made.

In addition, when you recycle a piece of furniture, you do not have to buy a new one, saving you natural resources and avoiding throwing furniture that can be reused, even for a new function. That is, here, economy, creativity and sustainability go hand in hand.

Where to start?
There is no rule. You can create a cupboard, a drawer or bedside table, and even a table. Recycled furniture can also be designed for various home environments such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, baby room, and office.

20 ideas to decorate with vintage or recovered furniture

Through materials discarded by industry and trade, it is also possible to find very interesting furniture. This is the case for pallets, for example. Highly used in hangars and conveyors, pallets end up, in most cases, discarded after use. However, with good wood treatment and good dying, pallets can prove to be state-of-the-art and durable furniture such as sofas, beds, cupboards and even tables. See some more suggestions for materials for the manufacture of recycled furniture, you can see in the pictures below.