The salty sea spray, wind, plenty of sun, and the perfect wave. Or, perhaps it should have been the perfect hair? But surfer hair for men is far from perfect. In fact, that’s what they bank on. Shaggy, tousled, and relaxed hairstyles that make it obvious to everyone they are part of a subculture born and bred in the carrying arms of the ocean. Scroll down for iconic inspiration from your favorite surfer boys.

1. Swoop Surfer Hair for Men

We begin this list with a very simple swoop. It’s a teenage hairstyle that originated in urban areas, but which works well at the beach too, especially when your hair is all wet. The swoop requires you to comb all your hair to one side.

2. Teenage Surfer Hair for Men

Speaking of teenagers, we had to pay homage first to this age group because it’s the one you will encounter most on the surfboards of the world. They are also the most fashionable of all surfers.

3. Layered Spikes

This short haircut for thick hair is perfect for a surfer boy because it looks like it has been windswept while you were taking a long stroll on the beach. Don’t forget to add extra hairspray and a wear a windbreaker.

4. Medium Surfer Hair for Men

How is it that surfer men always have the best hair? Is it the sun? Is it the salt water? We don’t know, but we would surely love to find out the secret. This is a medium layered haircut, wet and wild.

5. Curly Surfer Hair for Men

Most men who have curly hair prefer to go for a short haircut because it’s a lot more convenient, easier to style and to manage. It also requires less product and a lot less time to tend to every day.

6. Out of Water Surfer Hair for Men

Just because you’ve recently emerged from the waves, that doesn’t mean your hair can’t look good. That’s where all the charm of being a surfer boy resides. Looking fantastic when others would seem weatherworn.

7. Surfer Hair for Men with Bangs

This cute pair of bangs is absolutely to die for. The hair color is a natural blonde, and it looks as if the top strands have been discolored from spending too much time in the sun. If you want, you can help this process along.

8. Slick Back Surfer Hair for Men

If your hair is too long and you feel as if it might bother you while you ride the waves, you can always slick it back. In this way, nothing will impair your vision, and you’re free to spend all day long in the water.

9. Messy Surfer Hair for Men

When it comes to surfer men, you will not find any slick hairstyles or perfectly arranged strands of hair here. This is the land of messy hairdos that make you look carefree and wild, in the best way possible.

10. Surfer Hair for Men with a Disconnect

A disconnect is any haircut that has two parts. The lower part must be shorter but without any fade. The sides and back must all be the same length. The top part of the haircut has to be longer than the bottom half.

11. Auburn Highlights

Natural highlights are the best thing that can happen to your hair. They are rare, so enjoy them if you have been blessed with this gift. These are auburn highlights on a cocoa dark brown hair.

12. The Surfer Man Bun

Yes, unsurprisingly, even surfers have adopted the man bun. It is without a doubt the hairstyle of the decade and the one which has caused most debate around the world. However, there can be no question how good some men look while wearing it.

13. Medium Curly Hair

Another natural gift you should always cherish and try to show off as much as you can is curls. Remember that old saying – the curls get the girls! Pair them with your tanned and toned surfer physique, and you’ve got a winner!

14. Surfer Hair for Men with a Beard

Medium, tousled hair and a beard? Yes, please! The beard has seen a massive comeback in the 2000s after it was previously forgotten in favor of other styles that didn’t include facial hair. We’re glad men came back to it.

15. Red Hair and Beard

Speaking of beards, how about flaunting a bushy one if you happen to have red hair? You can also grow out your hair and wear a man bun and become an awesome combination between a Viking and a surfer.

16. Short Surfer Hair for Men

Some men like to keep it short, simple, and sweet. We definitely live in the age of frills when it comes to hairstyles for men, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still sport a simple hairstyle if you want it.

17. Retro Surfer Hair for Men

Beauty never goes out of style. That’s a fact. And neither does go hair. Hair trends and different haircuts may come and good, but basic good hair and a chiseled classic face will always mean a lot.

18. Blonde Surfer Hair for Men

The image of the blonde surfer with medium to long, wavy hair is definitely a stereotype that has been somewhat enforced by movies and pop culture. As you will see from our article, surfers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors of hair.

19. The Small Pompadour

Modern pompadours come in all sizes but have not varied in shape. This means that, as long as you still have the shape of the hairstyle, it doesn’t really matter how small it is. It still counts. Use some hair wax to keep it in place.

20. Shaggy Surfer Hair for Men

This type of haircut requires less care and maintenance. It also requires as few visits to the barber as possible, which means that it’s very budget-friendly, leaving lots of time for you to focus on your board.

21. Surfer Hair for Men with Dreads

Even at the end of the 2010s, dreads are still one of the coolest hairstyles around. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere any time soon. Keep it real and fresh with a set of superb dreads this summer.

22. Classic Surfer Hair for Men

This is the most iconic image most people associate with the surfer boy. It has medium, shaggy, blonde hair, tanned skin, and a youthful appearance. However, as mentioned before, it’s a stereotype that shouldn’t be forwarded.

23. Casual Surfer Hair for Men

Here’s a surfer boy off-duty, wearing street clothes and looking just as good as he does while on his board. Surfer’s hair has the fantastic quality of making you look cool and effortless no matter what you might be wearing.

 casual surfer hair for men


24. Dirty Blonde Surfer Hair for Men

This is a natural hair color between brown and blonde called dirty blonde. If you have fair skin and light colored eyes, it will highlight both. Therefore, don’t change it or try to dye it. instead, enjoy it!

25. Platinum Blonde Surfer Hair for Men

If you do want to look like the typical Hollywood surfer, you can always dye your hair platinum blonde. It’s a very fun hair color for summertime. Not to mention that it’s really on trend right now, just like all extreme blondes are.

26. The Lucky Blue Smith

Here’s Lucky Blue Smith posing for Da Man Magazine in Spring/Summer 2016, photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack. He looks ravishing with spaghetti platinum hair, a floral print shirt, and a white lily between his lips.

27. Natural Brown Hair

Natural brown hair and green eyes? We’ll take it! who says you absolutely have to be blonde and fair skinned to match the preconceived idea of a surfer man? Instead, go the opposite route and be the Cary Grant of the seas.

28. Off-duty Surfer Hair for Men

We’re in love with this rounded, curly haircut. It’s very boyish and cute, and it goes very well with chiseled faces and strong jaws because it will sweeten everything up a little, making you look soft and benign.

29. The Young Jared Leto

There is little doubt that this very young Jared Leto could have fit in very well with the subculture of surfer boys. He absolutely looks the part. Cool, handsome in a careless way, and so fresh, Jared cuts an imposing figure.

30. Cool Surfer Hair for Men

This has got to be one of the coolest looking communities in the world. Surfer boys simply exude an air of confidence, good humor, and coolness we all strive to have in our day to day lives.

31. Urban Surfer Hair for Men

Are you curious to know what a surfer boy might look like in an urban environment of concrete and tall buildings? Here he is in jeans and a sweater, looking as handsome and relaxed as ever, with the best haircut around, of course.

32. Simple Surfer Hair for Men

Less really can be more and keeping it short and simple has never been better than this. When you’re handsome and have the physique to match, maybe you don’t need to outshine that with your hairstyle.

33. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a hairstyle that originated in the military but made its way into pop culture for aesthetic reasons and because it’s so easy to wear. Men sport it because it’s the typical ‘manly’ hairstyle.

34. Afro Surfer Hair for Men

African-American hairstyles are creative and fun, and the afro is the perfect example of both those things. It looks amazing when you combine it with a beard, not to mention that both are so on trend right now.

35. 90s Surfer Hair for Men

This is the quintessential 90s haircut for men. Back then, there wasn’t a guy in sight who didn’t wear his hair like this, including most celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney.

36. Surfer Hair for Men with a Top Knot

The top knot is the man bun’s messier brother. It’s practically the same thing in technique, style, and effort, but it looks different and a little shaggier because you don’t go to the same lengths to make sure every strand of hair is in place.

37. Wavy Surfer Hair for Men

It’s a known fact that the salty breeze of the ocean or the sea will cause your hair to puff up and even curl up. That’s why the sea salt spray has been invented. So, sit back, relax, and let nature transform your hair into beautiful, wavy locks.

38. Surfer Hair for Men with a Ponytail

If the top knot is the man bun’s brother, the ponytail is its cousin. It’s a very casual and relaxed style that doesn’t require much effort on your part. Plus, you can keep reassured it will remain fixed throughout the day as you go about your active lifestyle.

39. Layered Surfer Hair for Men

A layered haircut is perfect if you have thin hair. The layers add depth to the hairstyle making it seem as if there is a lot more volume to it. Therefore, you can count on this as the new solution to your thin hair problem.

40. Feathery Surfer Hair for Men

On the opposite side of the spectrum, feathery haircuts are fantastic if you happen to have very thick hair. They will help take most of the bulk off but without trimming too much of the length or volume of your beautiful hair.

41. Handsome Surfer Hair for Men

Blonde hair lends itself great to casual hairstyles, not to mention tanned skin. So, do your best to work on your tan this summer so that you can rock it all the way through to the winter when you won’t be able to bask in the sunlight.

42. Long Surfer Hair for Men

Long hair is always a fantastic choice for men. It creates a wonderful balance between what is considered today to be masculine and feminine. But did you know that, in ancient times, long hair was the trait of the warriors and soldiers?

43. Long Curly Hair

Continuing on the above, here’s an example of long curly hair that you can copy. If you have the patience to wait for it to grow, do that. If not, you can always use extensions. Your Instagram selfies will never look better.

44. The Middle Part

This is another staple of the 90s that has been resurrected at the end of the 2010s along with everything else from that decade. It’s very easy to wear and doesn’t take any time at all to style, so go for it!

45. Vintage Surfer Hair for Men

This is the hairstyle to go for if you want to look like one of the Ken dolls you used to play with when you were a little boy. It’s a vintage haircut very reminiscent of what your dad or even grandpa might have worn when they were young.


Even though it seems like a style that’s been highly worked on, surfer hair for men is, in fact, the result of sun and sea. The salty sea breeze gives it texture and volume, making it crunchy and wavy, while the sun beats down on it, giving it natural highlights. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these ideas inspired you the most.

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