Fernando José Torres Sanz, better known as Fernando Torres or simply by his nickname El Nino is a force to be reckoned with on the soccer pitch. At one point during the height of his career he was considered to be the most complete center forward striker in all of Europe, capable of instilling fear in every opponent goalkeeper out there. But did you know that he actually started his career as a goalkeeper himself? Or that he spent an infamous three and a half years at Chelsea? Or that he is a certified style icon given the many hairstyles he’s had? Here are 45 Fernando Torres haircut ideas.

1. The Brown Comb Over

As you are about to see in this article, this famous soccer player went through an entire plethora of hairstyles. In fact, the best part of his life up until now he was a blonde, most people actually calling him that. It’s only now, in the later years of his life that he decided to go for a more demure look.

2. Pompadour and Spikes

Here’s a throwback pic of a Fernando Torres haircut. He was in his teens, but he had already been playing soccer for many years, having started at the tender age of five. He used to wear his hair blonde in a high pompadour with spikes.

3. The Blonde Comb Over

As noted above, Fernando Torres has been a blonde most of his life. Here he is with a shade of bottle blonde which he wears proudly in combination with a sleek black suit and deep blue tie. He does cut a dashing figure off the pitch, doesn’t he?

4. The Hard Part

Just like everybody else, El Nino couldn’t resist modern hairstyles either. Therefore, if you’re a true fan, you can copy this Fernando Torres haircut. It’s a chestnut brown slick with a hard part on one side.

5. The Boyish Fernando Torres Haircut

He also went for simpler haircuts during his career like this straightforward boyish haircut which makes him look like he was in high school. He also went for what we presume is his natural hair color, which is a dark brown.

6. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut originated in the military, where soldiers used to wear it for convenience reasons. However, it soon made its way to popular culture and civilian life. Being a true soldier on the field, Fernando adopted it as well.

7. The Medium Blonde Fernando Torres

Here is Fernando embracing his daughter on the pitch after the 2012 UEFA Championship. At that time, he was sporting a medium haircut with blonde highlights. We’re sorry, but we’re definitely giving the ‘cutie of the year’ award to his little girl on this one!

8. The Long Fernando Torres Haircut

El Nino had an infamous career at Chelsea Football Club. He spent three and a half years there, after the club spent a whopping $50 million to buy him. However, he never seemed to give Stamford Bridge their money’s worth, not being able to do his job properly and scoring goals.

9. Highlights and Spikes

He surely put his blonde locks to good use. Here’s a simple haircut from the 2000s that we all remember wearing at some point. We used to comb our hair to one side and then use some hair gel to create messy spikes.

10. The Short and Shaggy Mullet

This list of Fernando Torres haircut styles would not have been complete without talking about his mullet. Yes, that’s right. He actually sported a mullet for a while! If you want more ideas for haircuts that are all business in the front and party in the back, here’s a whole article on mullets.

11. The Fernando Torres Haircut with Bangs

He wasn’t shy of bangs either, donning this teenager haircut from the 2000s. It’s reminiscent of a bowl hairstyle with super long bangs that have to be neatly arranged in strands one by one on your forehead.

12. The Undercut

His love for hairstyling hasn’t left him even in more modern times. Even if he has now ditched the bleached hair that made him so famous in his younger years, he still loves a good primping. Here he is with a slick back and an undercut.

13. Little Fernando Torres Haircut

We can’t actually decide what’s cuter in this picture – his haircut or his freckles. The haircut is a typical one for a boy his age at that time. Medium long with a parting down the middle and long bangs swept to either side of the face.

14. The Fauxhawk

When you’re this much into hairstyling, you have to get a fauxhawk. It seems like every soccer player who aspired to be someone got a hawk so why not El Nino? He went for a wet look by using lots and lots of hair gel.

15. The Pompadour

Have you ever wondered what the pompadour would look like as a Fernando Torres haircut? Wonder no more. We dare to say it may not be his best choice as he already has a very long and angular face and all this haircut does is pull at it even more.

16. The Layered Fernando Torres Haircut

We love it when he wears his natural color or one that resembles it closely. This is a mahogany brown with a layered side and a shaved one. The darker color makes him look a bit more mature, even though his nickname is still El Nino.

17. The Medium Bronde Fernando Torres Haircut

He also sported colors that are in between his favorite two, such as this bronde. Just as the name suggests, the bronde trend is a combination between brown and blonde which can have more blonde or brown, depending on your preferences.

18. The Long Bowl Haircut

We’ve talked about it before in this list of Fernando Torres haircut styles and here’s another example of it. El Nino was a huge fan of bowl haircuts. It was a modern bowl, of course, but a bowl nonetheless.

19. The Medium Parted Fernando Torres Haircut

We are in love with this one. The haircut is simple enough, being a shaggy medium with a side part. But the color is fantastic. It has a whole plethora of highlights and lowlights and everywhere you look it seems like you’ll discover more of them.

20. The Blonde Blunt Crop

As far as summer haircuts inspired by your favorite soccer players go, this is the one to be. It’s a short and blunt crop with an undercut and different shades of blonde. There are absolutely no words to describe just how in love this man was with blonde hair!

21. 2000s Spikes

Another Fernando Torres haircut comes to us right from the 2000s. Do you remember when he had spikes and he used to wear them like some sort of mohawk wannabe? Every true fan remembers. That happened back when he was playing for Liverpool.

22. Brunette Short Hairstyles

Older means wiser, right? You can clearly see that El Nino has left his spectacular youth behind now and has become the virtuous father of three of his dreams. He has also returned to play for his boyhood football club, Atletico Madrid.

23. The Dark Honey Fernando Torres Haircut

It seems as though this stellar soccer player, as precise as he was on the pitch, he never seemed to be able to make up his mind between brown and blonde. Therefore, he sometimes hesitated with intermediary colors, such as this dark honey shade.

dark honey fernando torres haircut


24. The Gelled Slick

The internet gave a collective sigh when Zayn Malik’s strand of hair incident happened with many girls saying they loved that single strand of hair more than they loved the singer himself. But before that there was Fernando Torres and his torrid, gelled strands. Ladies?

25. The Gentleman Fernando Torres Haircut

If James Bond were a soccer player and he was playing undercover for one of the most famous teams in the world, this is what he would look like. Who even has hair that perfect when in full action, running down a pitch trying to balance a ball with his feet? Who?

26. The Shaggy Short Haircut

Shaggy haircuts for men come in all shapes and sizes, and you would be wrong to believe that only medium and long hair can benefit from them. A shaggy haircut on short hair looks fluffy and sweet more than anything else.

27. Bald Fade Fernando Torres Haircut

The bald fade is a staple of modern styling. We’ve been seeing a lot of it in the past few seasons and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Fernando was on it, of course, like the true styling icon that he is.

28. Better Mohawks

As time went by and he got better and better on the pitch, so did his mohawks. He started out slowly with timid approaches to gelled fauxhawks until he landed this beautiful version of the punk hairstyle staple.

29. The Hard Part

A hard part is similar in shape to a natural parting of your hairline. The difference is that it has to be a little more accentuated than a traditional one. Therefore, a stylist or a barber has to give it to you with a razor.

30. The Platinum Fernando Torres Haircut

El Nino even took his love for blonde hair a step further when he bleached it platinum. He looked great, being really tanned and already sporting a ton of tattoos. We adored the hipster vibes we got off the soccer pitch whenever he was around.

31. The Medium Bangs

He also had a somewhat brief love affair with bangs. This is the soccer player with medium bangs which, alongside his shaggy haircut and mass of freckles make him look like a real teenager. Although, as you can see from the two tattoos he has on his arms, he already had two of his children. The tattoos bear their names.

32. Layers of Blonde

You might believe that he managed to extract every ounce of blonde he could or that he used up every idea, but you would be wrong. He always manages to surprise us. This is him with a strong outer layer of blonde and an inner layer of brown.

33. The Elegant Fernando Torres Haircut

Evidently, seeing as he has won so many awards during his career for his amazing skills on the pitch, it’s understandable that he would have an elegant haircut which he wears when he receives said awards. Here it is.

34. The Feathered Fernando Torres Haircut

A feathered or layered haircut is perfect for you if you happen to have thin hair. It creates the illusion of volume and depth thanks to all the layers and the way they sit on top of each other. In this case, Fernando’s haircut is definitely one to copy.

35. The Jumbo Spikes

Every once in a while, in his career as a style icon there would appear a Fernando Torres haircut worthy of praise and remembering. This is one of those moments. These mahogany colored unicorn jumbo spikes need a place in the history books of soccer fashion.

36. The Boy Band Fernando Torres Haircut

El Nino also had a phase where he dressed and styled himself as the eighth member of NSync. Why the eight? You know, after the backup and the backup’s backup and the guy who brings the coffees, then there’s him. Just kidding. He looks flawless, as usual.

37. The Supermodel Fernando Torres Haircut

Of course, he also played supermodel from time to time simply because he can. When you look that good why wouldn’t you agree to model for different publications or brands? You’re a top of the league athlete who looks like a blonde Greek god. You go, Fernando!

38. The Classic Fernando Torres Haircut

Here he is back in his Chelsea shirt. After he failed to score as many goals as his managers and the Stamford Bridge supporters thought he would, he never managed to recover. So, after three and a half years he left the club on a loan to AC Milan, in Italy.

39. The Long Comb Over

He might have changed his hairstyle to this awesome platinum long comb over, but his stay with AC Milan wasn’t happier. He scored one goal in ten matches during his time in Serie A. AC Milan were not please with him either.

40. The Blonde Emo Shag

Therefore, he returned from the loan to AC Milan to Chelsea where he was still under contract. They sold him back to the soccer club where he had performed as a boy – Atletico Madrid. Here is a throwback pic of him sporting a blonde emo shag.

41. The Blonde and Brown Fernando Torres Haircut

Here is El Nino proudly and happily wearing Atletico Madrid’s red shirt after just scoring a goal. He does seem like he does his best when he is at home, surrounded by a familiar environment.

42. The Real Bowl Haircut

As it turns out, the origins of the bowl haircut extend into The Child’s preteen years when he actually used to sport a fully-fledged one. His hair was a light shade of brown and maybe that’s when he got the idea to go fully blonde.

43. The Brunette Fernando Torres Haircut

At the end of 2017, Fernando went back to Chelsea and Stamford Bridge for the first time in seven years after he had left the club. Atletico Madrid and Chelsea were going head to head for a spot in the UEFA Championship League. The closed in a draw, 1-1, Fernando being replaced at the 57 minute mark of the game.

44. Long, Blonde Side Bangs

Fernando’s love affair with 2000s hairstyles continued. This is a blonde boy-band type of haircut with a glossy finish and long side bangs. It resembles the emo swoop but has less goth to it.

45. Blonde Ombre

He even dabbed a bit in the ombre trend. Evidently, he wasn’t able to switch from blonde to brown hair in one, clean motion. He needed to transition. And we completely understand. This is a man who dyed his hair blonde for most of his adult life. Therefore, when he finally said goodbye to blonde he did it in stages with these little blonde ombre bangs.

Fernando Torres will always be one of the best soccer players in history, one of the most gifted athletes the world has ever seen, as well as one the best style icons to look up at when one is in need for inspiration. His plethora of haircuts ranges from boyish to teenager to bowl to mullet to emo and finally to more modern and mature slick back ones. And, of course, let’s not forget his undying love for blonde hair. All the Fernando Torres haircut ideas are based on that.

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