Does the world need any more DIY coasters? Yes, it does! Simply because it’s a great project to take on even if you’re a beginner.

We love DIY coasters because you can use your creativity and make just about anything within this frame. It’s a great way to hone your skills in various techniques. Be it wood crafting, sewing, weaving, or paper crafts. And you always need a few more coasters in your home!

So check out these 45 amazing tutorials that will show you how to make just about any kind of a coaster. Better yet, you can combine many of the following techniques to create your own unique crafts. Have fun!

DIY Donut Coasters

How to make #DIY donut coasters #homedecor


Here’s an easy wonderful project that doesn’t require much skill. All you need is some creativity and acrylic paint. Grab a few birch coasters and paint them to make these cute donut coasters that will make your dinners that much more fun.

The whole list of supplies consists of the coasters, acrylic paint, and some brushes, so it is a very quick project. You can complete it in under an hour and have your coasters ready.

Patterned Cork DIY Coasters

How to make #DIY patterned cork coasters #homedecor


Want to make something artistic? This tutorial shows you how to make pattern art on cork coasters. There are no rules set in stone – you can use your creativity and imagination to make patterns in your liking. You make such coasters for yourself and as gifts. The coasters will make a great present for anyone if you know their favorite style.

The list of materials is short enough to get you started quickly. Basically, you’re just working with acrylic paint and brushes in this project as well. If you’re looking for how to spend your night crafting, this is a perfect idea.…

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