45 Adorable Spring Wedding Favors Ideas

Spring weddings are special because they are very romantic and take place in the greenery and blooming flowers. That’s why I think that spring wedding favors should be special. So, what are the original ideas? The most popular variant, perhaps, is seed wedding favors to grow love. Then, cool spring favors are spring flowers, moss and potted succulents (this is a classical variant); another great example is a small Easter-inspired terrarium. Food favors? Yes, please! Honey, jam, chocolate, cookies, lemonade, macarons – every tasty yum that comes to your mind! Buy or DIY them, and get some inspiration below!
Edible And Drinkable Wedding Favors
Edible and drinkable wedding favors are classics: they match any wedding theme and any style. These can be boxes of sweets or chocolate, fresh berries and fruits, macarons, which are a very elegant option, bottles or jars with candies and even personalized chocolate. As for drinks, couples usually prefer to give mini alcohol bottles – with their favorite alcohol or just that one that is in the signature drink. Soft drinks can be also a nice idea, the weather may be hot and your guests could appreciate one more drink.

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