44 Exciting Popcorn Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

We think that popcorn is one of the most famous and common snacks for any party or event. So it’s not a secret that many couples choose it for the wedding and make various and creative popcorn bars for their guests. Maybe you need to think about this idea too? So let’s answer the question why you need to pick up and create a popcorn bar for your wedding. Btw, a popcorn bar is a great choice for vegans. First, everybody loves popcorn, no matter salty or sweet, so your friends will be thankful for this tasty and light snack! Second, popcorn isn’t very expensive, and it’s great for your wedding budget. And third, this snack will be good for any wedding style, you just need to decorate the popcorn bar according to your wedding theme. Let’s see how to organize and decorate a cool popcorn bar in details!
Pick A Theme
First of all, pick a theme for your popcorn bar, it usually matches your wedding theme or style – rustic for a rustic wedding, modern for a modern wedding, vintage, retro, colorful and fun and so on.

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