A small portion of string can beautifully sculpt an installation, a piece of wall art or a Christmas tree decoration to beautify your splendid holiday. Wire art sculptures and wire wall art are known today in design thanks to their amazing naturalness and organicity as well as for their immense accessibility, ease of use and versatility, the little element can shape something extraordinary in minutes and the unimaginable in hours, weeks as numerous artists have previously showcased.

A selection of unique wire art pieces lies below, cast a glance and surge inspiration.

1. Craft a Fender Guitar


A simple swift shape that can be used as a thematic decoration or as a simple beautiful diy gift.

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2. craft a gorgeous earth GODDESS pendant


A circle sculpted by wire can contain a great deal of beauty. Simply choose the element of choice and start materializing it wire by wire.

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3. craft a splendid rose


Suspension in art is a gift, notice how the wire gains power, strength in this simple 3D installation.

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4. craft a colorful tree of life 


A simple process with great results, extraordinarily idea to materialize with children, family, loved ones.

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5. welcome your guests with adorable wire flowers


Wire will be there, whenever you need it, simple and sculptural. It can wear the color of choice or it can remain rustic, industrial.

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6. craft a beautiful wire heart for your garden


Anything can become special, spectacular and sculptural with wire, use simple elements to emphasize your piece of art.

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7. create adorable mini silhouettes 


Wire with simple elements from our reality can sculpt extraordinary mini-settings that would nurture the creativity of little ones. Play along, nourish their creativity.

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8. tailor adorable mini christmas decor pieces


One star and a cone in wire can make a simply splendid piece of decor, enjoy every crafting session with family, loved ones.

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9. sculpt fine art with a piece of wire


A fine line can redefine a space entirely.

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10. tailor an adorable cat bookmark


A simple string silhouette can shape a great bookmark.

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11. shape a tiny dog decoration


A tiny dog can be a quite adorable, specific decor piece for an enthusiast.

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12. frame wire art as wall art


Color creates contrast with white and black and this simple fact gives birth to extraordinary art pieces. The naturalness of the black wire surely stands out yet it`s the perfect balance of the over -all scheme the thing that really stands out.

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13.  Design Bird sculptures with chicken wire

9512a827370ef38ce52cb2b16984e4c5 (1)

Beautifully simple project that can be scaled towards a great installation.

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14. create adorable wind chimes with wire and stones


Unlimited possibilities in a simple technique. Play and experience materials at their best.

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15. attempt to replace the pencil with wire


An artist can experience great moments with wire and string in its artistic endeavors by simply changing the pencil with a different mean like string and wire.

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16. invite NATURALNESS in your decor


Break a pattern with something simple; above a simple power line with doves has brought a really cool, natural element in a very cozy and elegant woodish atmosphere thus creating a wonderful balance.

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17. sculpt an adorable lantern for the outdoors


String can function like a structure and textile can work as skin, needless to say that with these two into the picture, light becomes an interesting element.

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18. sculpt a candle holder


A candle chandelier like no other, designed with patience and care.

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19. shape artistic calder style portraits 

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

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20. embrace wire with color in a sunny window


Color in gradients can beautifully function with wire, animate it through light.

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21. shape a beautiful balloon INSTALLATION

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

Textile and wire can shape a beautiful hot air balloon installation. Play with the scale, get creative !

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22. create decorations for candles


Embrace a candle with a simple sculptural wire piece, it has swiftly become a great diy gift.

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23. the right decoration can stun with beauty

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

A tree of great beauty, an effort that would transform your entire home.

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24. bring a new light in your decor


A sensible approach to a simple item shapes a swift wall art piece.

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25. draw a happy face where you need it


Welcome your friends and loved ones with a friendly smile !

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26. create simply impressive settings

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

Shaping city silhouettes, streets and complex ensembles can materialize the extraordinary, every day. Start with string at a small scale.

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27. craft a wire heart with the right message

Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

A beautiful heart can reach your loved one, shape it as art on the wall.

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28. build a piece of coffee wall art to emphasize your kitchen

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

The classic more coffee please sign, reinterpreted with spring can be considered a swift, new approach.

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29. create a wire christmas decoration


Small angel silhouettes can enhance your Christmas tree swiftly.

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30. enjoy art in a sculptural form


The deeper you go the more roots in art you`ll find. String wires everything in nature, string wires us.

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

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31. spider art materialized with wire


Halloween can invite string decorations too, use simple motifs with wire.

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32.  buttons and wire getting creative

77 (1)

Buttons and coins can become accent points in one`s decor, enjoy their beauty.

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33. design a sculptural bird mobile


A baby mobile can take any shape  you might need or like through this mean of expression, give art a chance, embrace it.

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34. Design an adorable owl


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35. share art with wire


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36.  create an artistic setting 


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37. chicken wire sculpting life

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

Sculpt something human with chicken wire, extraordinary the results will be !

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38. sculpt a face

43 Wire Art Sculptures Ready to Emphasize Your Space

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39. simple and creative installation 


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40. INSTALLATION shaped by life 

235 (1)

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41. shape a WRITING machine 


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42. sculpt a different life


Your lamp can receive any volume, any shape thanks to string and wire. Use colored beans to create even more depth into the scene.

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43.  shape a special birdie


Have fun with a small, simple, adorable birdy shaped with wire, the element can become a prize, a really cute figurine that will surely be loved by little ones !

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Wire art sculptures can be extraordinarily easy or complex but regardless of difficulty, in a matter of minutes, everything can be changed. How do you see this spectacular pieces of art? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !


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