43 Dreamy Attic Sunroom Design Ideas

Sun rays – that’s what we lack these cold days, so if you still don’t have a sunroom, or just some sun space – maybe a part of some room – get inspired by the ideas below! We’ve already told you of some cool sunroom design ideas but today’s article is special: it’s about attic spaces. Guys, if you have a free attic space or even a corner – turn it into a sunroom! An attic space is especially easy to turn into a sun-catching one as you can get glass ceiling and walls and just enjoy lots and lots of sunlight.
The style and color scheme are up to you, if it’s a part of the room, then it should match, and if not – why not create what you really like? Rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic, vintage, contemporary or Scandinavian style can be a nice solution for a sunroom. You may go for more an orangery or more a sunroom, for example, it’s up to you. You may also include several zones like living room, dining and reading and even working space or have just one.

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