43 Cool Ways To Style The Foot Of The Bed

The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom, and its styling and decor is the main thing here. Fancy bedding, chic nightstands, comfortable sconces and a statement decorative headboard will make your bedroom look amazing and will help you create an oasis of relaxation here. But let’s not forget one more part of the bed to style – its foot. Whatever the size of your bedroom is, you may want to style this part of the bed somehow adding style, chic, maybe storage space and functionality, especially if the bedroom is small. So what can we place there? Actually, anything, from a desk to some beautiful candle lanterns, planters and oversized artworks but we’ll discuss two most popular options that most of us will like.
Seating Furniture
Seating furniture is the most popular idea to style the foot of the bed as it’s comfortable for sitting, you may place some things on it and even your pets can sleep there to be closer to you. It can be a bench of various types and looks: a simple wooden one, a woven boho one, a rattan or wicker one for a rustic space, a minimalist one, an upholstered bench of…

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