Beautiful plants need beautiful planters, and beautiful planters need beautiful stands. Where can you find the best range of planters and stands to decorate your home and garden? Right here. We’ve pulled together forty-two of the best-of-the-best designs, to make both your interior and exterior glow green. Construct a ceramic ladder of potted ferns beside your office window. Splash out on an artistic, geometric stand that makes a living room statement. Sit your draping fern atop a stone and resin Corinthian stand laden with goddesses. Make the little details stand out by accommodating a unique plant stand or holder in your contemporary garden or abode.

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Wire Indoor/Outdoor Planter: Designed by Norm Architects, these indoor and outdoor planters were inspired by the different heights of a Japanese garden. Assemble them yourself in a black or white hue, or large or small size.

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Plant Stand Trio For Indoor/Outdoor Use: White-washed clay with stenciled iron frames the best of your hanging ferns. Stand it in a corner for a green cranny to the power of three.


Ferm Living Tall Plant Stands With Three Legs: Tripods aren’t just for cameras. These iron stands with black powder coating can hold the pot and plant of your choice.

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Indoor Silver Finish Low Plant Stand: The sturdy steel of these low-lying beauties mean they can grace your interior or exterior. Find the right shape for your plant with a choice of four sizes.

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Indoor Silver Finish Three-Legged Plant Stands: Stand your plants higher with these three-legged plant stands in the same finish. Hold up a larger plant or a glass bowl for an unusual approach to indoor greenery.

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Indoor Metal Caged Pedestal Plant Stand: These handmade iron cages create stunning stencils at the bottom of your plant. Stand their antique copper finishes at your home entrance, or in the corner of your living room.

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Golden Finish Metallic Plant Stand For Indoors: Get the feel of the Orient with these painted cylinders of iron. Choose from three sizes for a trio housing your ferns, flowers or trees.

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Modern White and Walnut Short Plant Stands: These white and walnut stands suit the Scandinavian interior. Stand their sturdy forms upon a wooden floor for a treat upon returning home.

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Mid Century-Inspired Plant Stand: Brazilian walnut and ceramic come together in this stand and planter combo. Created in a popular mid-century style, it stays true to its roots with American manufacturing.


Modern Wooden Plant Stand: Four columns come together to hold metallics, ceramics and concrete. Perfect for a nook or tucked-away cranny, it’s the perfect height for beside a chest of drawers.


Modern 2 Tiered Plant Stand: Two tiers of painted white wood mean two plants can sit on this stand. A spot beside the curtain could spark a spot of green.


Modern Square-Shaped 2 Tier Plant Stand: Fancy a square instead? This two-tier plant stand with wooden paneling stylishly encases your green creations.

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Indoor Planter With Legs: Smarter than the rest, this planter features a drainage hole to let your plant breathe.

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Faux Bois Plant Stand: Thought this plant stand was made of wood? Think again. This metal resin creation sits next to your indoor or outdoor reading chair.

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IKEA Two-Tier Multi-Plant Stand: Fashion a virtual forest inside your home. Made of natural and painted bamboo, two rows of shelving mean all your plants can take a share.


IKEA Bamboo Plant Stand For 3 Pots: Mimic the natural flow of the forest, with a three-tiered stand of three different orientations. Natural and painted bamboo coalesce in a structure worthy of the most stylish living room area.


IKEA Vildapel Indoor Plant Stand: A mini bamboo stand makes your miniature tree even more miniature.

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Modern Rectangular Planter & Stand: Designed by Joan Gaspar, these polypropylene wonders can act as both planters and dividers. House plants atop and stylish structures underneath these units resistant to heat and cold.


Large IKEA Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Pot Plant Stand: 13 tiers of black or white metal allow your plant pots to bask indoors or outdoors. A handy partition, semi-living wall or addition to your patio, this reasonably-priced contraption holds whichever pots you please.


Air Plant Stand: Forgo the pot altogether, with this unique take on the modern plant stand. Brass available in three shades suspends your plant in mid-air, making a perfect exhibition out of your prized succulents.

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IKEA Satsumas Plant Ladder For 5 Pots: Another white and bamboo IKEA creation, this mini plant ladder holds five of your most common herbs and spices. Lean it against your kitchen cupboard for easy access come dinner time.


Small Succulent Planter & Ladder Stand: Even smaller and cuter, this three-tiered bamboo stand is perfect for the home office. Rest your phone upon the bottom shelf, a couple of cacti on the upper.

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Decorative Metal & Walnut Stand: Perforated metal and a warm walnut finish twist into geometric shapes that hold your plants. Give it a life as the perfect end table.

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Bullet Planter: A metal planter in a primitive shape sits your plant high or low. Place it beside a window, for maximum exposure to the sun.


Small Hairpin-Style Plant Stand: Pink, lilac, orange and teal are some of the colours your plant can drape over. Contain a small tree or large fern within this low-to-the-ground, dainty frame.


Copper-Finished Caged Vase Shaped Plant Stand: Available in a gold or copper finish, this metal vase resembles a pineapple. Get fruity with guests by placing it beside the front door.

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Metal Cage Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand: Tired of plant stands once pretty, but now covered in soil? Find an outdoor alternative, in this metal cage draining out from its floor.


Decorative Planter & Pot Set: Glean inspiration from American Indian tribes, with these painted resin pots placed on matching metal stands.

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Dubay Bicycle Plant Stand: Hold five plants on a snazzy set of bicycle wheels. This innovative stand is a perfect find for the hipster keen on garden herbs.

$150BUY IT

Red Bicycle Planter: Don’t have the budget for a pot-laden bicycle? Try this version for half the price. With three plant holders and a natty stand, it’s a more tantalising for the bank card in Big Apple red.


Black Metal Plant Stand With Wheels: Multi-layered in durable metal, this wheelable stand ensures no pot marks are left in your room’s corners.

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IKEA Risatorp Multi-Level Plant Stand Trolley: Part-trolley and part-stand, this steel and birch creation holds a plethora of plants in your kitchen. Its oscillating shelves offer easy access to beetroots, tomatoes, and everyday herbs.

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IKEA Wall Upright Mesh Basket Vertical Wall Plant Stand: Looking for easy access, without the trolley? Look no further than this six-potted mesh stand, a display of baskets packed to the brim with plant life.

$234BUY IT

Wall-Mounted Plant Stand: Take a different angle on plant hanging. This diagonal steel stand is mounted to the wall and available in either black or white.


Modern Circular Hanging Plant Stand & Planter: Want your stand to make a stand of its own? This metal stand and planter draw focus, in a circular design as much a piece of art as plant hanging.

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Air Plant Holder & Stand: Handmade in Washington out of natural cotton twine, this three-tiered plant stand embodies hippy spirit. Hang plants, herbs or even healing crystals in its soft form.


Ceramic Hanging Planter Set: Hanging from a single nail, this set of four ceramic planters look almost made of cotton. Add edge to your window ledge or seat with a row of cacti resting in its crevices.

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Layered Black Planters: Cut to the height you desire, these stainless steel planters are all about art deco – and a highly-expensive price tag. Garner inspiration from their inverted forms upon a dramatic white-walled backdrop.

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Ancient Greek-Style Architectural Pillar Pedestal: The Greeks were the first to know how to place a vase. Use this hand-casted stone and resin piece to pay duty to your fern.

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Corinthian-Style Ivory Finish Plant Pedestal: Get the look of ivory without the elephant cruelty. This resin Corinthian pillar holds large plants in a finish fit for the gods.

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Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal Plant Stand: Also known as the Three Graces, these ‘joyous girls’ are only too happy to hold your plant. Hand-casted in stone and resin, they play an elegant role in your plant-filled living room.

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Classical Sculptural Pedestal Plant Stand: For a more demure look, these Greco-Roman ladies have it sorted. A place in your library could house their stone-and-resin casted forms.

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