Everyone loves a delicious cookie. Enjoyed as a snack on the run, an afternoon bite or a sneaky treat after dinner, they’re easy to eat and hard to stop devouring. Why not invest in a delectable cookie jar to keep them fresh? These forty-two cookie jar picks for your home or office specialize in making cookie stashes hard to keep away from. Made of ceramic, glass or plastic, they feature hooting owls, sly foxes, a cookie-loving Snoopy, Star Wars favourites and the classic cookie muncher, Cookie Monster. Take a scroll down our top choices to see how your kitchen could benefit from their stylish and novel designs.


Antler Cookie Jar: Looking for a unique jar to store peanuts in? This white ceramic container, crafted with the texture of an acorn and shape of deer antlers, has all the ingredients for a welcoming treat.


Vintage Patterned Turquoise Ceramic Cookie Jar: An intricate pattern and turquoise glaze make this ceramic cookie jar hard to ignore. Lift its bird-topped lid for a tasty snack before the door.


Pineapple Cookie Jars: Have some tropical fruit cookies you’d like to boast about? This fruity set of two blends in well with black, white or wooden kitchen décor.


Red Bell Pepper Cookie Jar: Microwave and dishwasher safe, this red ceramic beauty looks healthy – but most certainly is not. Store your tasty treats inside for guilty pleasures after work.


Yellow Bee Hive Cookie Jar: Honey products have found their perfect match, with this cookie jar surrounded by six bees. Its plastic-seal lid helps keep them fresh every time.


Elephant-Shaped Cookie Jar: This unusual example of elephant home décor can stash your sugar, tea, coffee or cookies. Lift its teapot handle for ease, its elephant trunk for interest.


Fox Cookie Jar: What did the fox say? This orange-and-white painted ceramic creature said eat more cookies, every time.


White Fox-Shaped Ceramic Cookie Jar: A little subtler in look, this fox looks happy as Larry to be holding your treats. Fix his white ceramic, plastic-sealed self on your bench for more than one cheeky dip.


Dog Cookie Jar: Daschunds are known for their sense of smell, and this one smelt the cookies. Lift a treat from the head of this pet for a teatime break that will make you smile.


Cute Snoopy Dog Cookie Jar: Snoopy loves Woodstock, and we love cookies. Impress the children – and adults – in your household, with this cute cookie container on your kitchen bench.


Cat Cookie Jar: Know someone that’s always stealing your treats? Make your thoughts known with this not-so-subtle ceramic jar.


Chef Pig Cookie Jar: Hand-crafted and painted, this unusual pig chef holds all the ingredients for dinner – but not dessert. Store your after-dinner treats within his form, to help him squeal with sugary delight.


Rooster Cookie Jar: Cock-a-doodle-cookie? This ceramic, aluminium-plated find is hand casted, hand painted, and beautifully gift-boxed for the treat lover on a farm.


Flamingo Cookie Jar: Think of summer loving with this fun-loving flamingo upon your desktop. An airtight container keeps your favourite treats fresh at hand.


Owl Cookie Jar: This cookie container features intricate detailing in one ceramic owl. Have a hoot by pulling sweets out of its browned form.


White Owl Cookie Jar: Owls might be wise, but not wise enough to hide the cookies. This white ceramic and gold creation packs a pretty picture and sweet treats. Also do check out our post Owl Home Decor, if you really love to have more of these cute birds in your home.


Penguin Cookie Jar: There’s nothing quite as cute as a mother with her baby, and this two–penguin cookie jar is no exception. Feed your little ones a treat from this doting mother’s inner.


Turtle Cookie Jar: Lift up this ceramic turtle’s lid and what do you see? Cookies, cookies, and more cookies for thee!


Skull Cookie Jar: Thinking too hard about your own mortality? Stifle dark thoughts with cookies emanating from a ceramic skull.


Sweet Tooth Cookie Jar: An interesting pairing with sugary goods, this large sweet tooth is perfect before the dentist’s chair. Fill its insides with candy, cookies, or anything else the dentist might berate you for.


Santa Claus Cookie Jar: Santa’s known for being jolly – and a jar full of cookies can only help. This hand-painted cookie jar with rubber gasket is the perfect accessory for the Christmas season.


Santa Boot Cookie Jar: Santa’s little elves look up from his boot and towards his cookie jar. Lift the lid on this ceramic find for a tasty little goodie inside.


Cute Snowman Cookie Jar: Hand-crafted and painted, this blushing snowman has us all wishing for winter. Fill his scarved head with cookies for a cushy friend every opening.


Cookie Monster Cookie Jar: Cookie Monster embodies the very essence of cookie eating. This custom-sculpted and air-tight jar comes in a colourful box perfect for gifting.


Jonathan Adler Mr. & Mrs. Muse Jar: Surrealist designer Jonathan Adler crafted Mr and Mrs Muse from his own imagination. Use yours to fill their oval ceramic forms with sugar, sweets, nuts or small cookies.


Cinderella’s Carriage Ceramic Cookie Jar: Cinderella may not have gone to the ball, but you will go to this jar. Crafted in white ceramic, it’s every cookie eater’s dream when lifting the lid.


Copper Cookie Jar: Make the cookie jar modern again, with this copper find for the kitchen bench. An airtight seal and non-rust finish mean your treats appear elegant before the plate.


Antique Industrial-Style Cookie Jar: Old Dutch has done it again, with this copper cookie jar with lacquered finish. A golden plaque, plastic seal and hammered finish make it appear antique, whilst keeping your favourite treats brand new.


Vintage Style Key & Fleur de Lis Cookie Jar: Combine French overtones with a beautiful ceramic, in this jar suited for many food items. A turquoise hue and mock-rusted exterior suit a worldly interior.


Tuscan Style Red Cookie Jar: Inject some Tuscan flavor into your kitchen area, with this ruby red cookie jar. A glazed fleur-de-lis sits upon this ceramic’s large body.


Glass Cookie Jar With Lid: A hint of turquoise colours this glass cookie jar, engraved with patterns reflecting on treats. Open the lid to take a bite, and chuck it in the dishwasher to keep it clean.


Large Glass Cookie Jar With Lid: A set of two gallon containers, reserved just for cookies? These classic storage jars gives you extra room to pack all your treats in specialist Anchor glass that is smell, stain and chemical-free.


Air-tight Ceramic Cookie Jar: This ceramic cookie jar holds just what it says it does. An air-tight seal keeps its contents fresh on the inside, stylish on the outside.


Personalized Cookie Jar: Feel like normal cookie jars just don’t suit? This large ceramic jar paints a typographic family tree, allowing insertion of your last name for a jar all yours.


Mason Jar Cookie Container: Blue, embossed and ready for the dishwasher, this blue mason jar has all the hipsters wrapt. Store your cookies, lentils or kitchen bits and bobs within its airtight seal.


Fire Hydrant Cookie Jar: Know a fireman who loves a good bite? This bright red ceramic jar is big enough to store a week’s worth of treats.


Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar: Doctor Who fans can now pull a cookie out of a tardis. This ceramic is both an effective disguise and item of memorabilia.


Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar: Know someone obsessed by cookies and Star Wars? Join their passions together, with this jar resembling a white death star.


Star Wars Stormtrooper Cookie Jar: Straight from the manufacturers at Disney, this stormtrooper has cookies on the brain.


Star Wars Darth Vader Cookie Jar: ‘Luke, I have your cookies’. This black ceramic jar is air-tight and gift-box bound for your family kitchen.


Star Wars R2D2 Cookie Jar: You can almost hear the beeps coming out of this R2D2 cookie jar. Fill him up to the brim with your favourite space-age treats. Head over to our Star Wars home decor post if you are obsessed with having a Star Wars Theme.


Dragon Egg Cookie Jar: Collect a dragon egg for yourself, with this green fade example of game of thrones home décor. Its beautiful scaled form will look a treat in your kitchen’s nooks or crannies.

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