41 Creepy Halloween Decorating Ideas

There are many styles you could choose for your Halloween decor. Depending on your wishes you could choose the one that would suit you and your family best. Here are some ideas for decorating your home indoors and outdoors in creepy style. It is usually characterized by a lot of black and gray colors, spiders, witches, graves, and other scary elements. The main thing when you decorating in such style is to not overdo it. Anyway, such decorations are perfect as for adults as for kids with courage.
Creepy Indoor Halloween Decor
Indoors you may place various scary pumpkin lanterns, skeletons, skulls, clows, scary babies made of dolls and spiders and bats. Such decorations can be easily DIYed, you can take a doll, a skeleton, a skull and compose what you like, or make spiderwebs and attach some spiders to them. The main thing is to make your decor look natural and not overdone, otherwise there won’t be a scary effect.

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