40 Unique Wine Racks & Holders For Storing Your Bottles With Style

Even dedicated connoisseurs with fully equipped wine cellars or refrigerators still need an attractive way to keep a few choice bottles within reach. This post makes it easy to find the perfect wine rack to suit any style and budget – we’ve compiled 40 of our favorite designs to suit interiors ranging from industrial to rustic, artsy to minimalistic. Once you’ve picked out your favorite rack, make sure to find a spot away from direct sunlight and heat sources to keep your bottles as well conditioned as possible. Then, see our compilation of decorative cutting boards for your cheese and hors d’oeuvres pairings.

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Flow Wall Mounted Wine Rack: Curvaceous, fun, and attractive – this modern wine rack balances your favorite bottles on either side.

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Minimalist Wall Mounted Vertical Wine Rack: Kitchens decked out with abundant stainless steel or industrial decor could definitely benefit from a handsome wine rack like this one. It has a more rugged look than most decorative options available.

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Stainless Steel Wall Wine Rack: This rack is suitable for any kind of bottle up to 3.5″ in diameter. This model is available in 3- and 5-bottle sizes for those who need to save space in the kitchen or dining room.

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Wrought Iron Wine Bottle Rack: Traditional wrought iron always looks fabulous within rustic and classic interiors. These wine racks are modular, linking together to perfectly fit that empty space on your wall. Each rack is sold separately so you can add as you go.

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Elle Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Rack: If you want to make a lasting impression with your wine display, this uniquely shaped rack is sure to accomplish just that. The tongue and groove hanging system ensures a snug fit and a clean look.

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Contemporary Wall Mounted Wine Rack: With angled wire holders, this rack is one of very few models that allow a choice between vertical or horizontal positioning. The backing board is made of weathered oak for a nice organic aesthetic suitable for a variety of interiors.

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Small Wine Bottle & Glass Rack: Two in one! Keep up to 18 wine glasses and 6 standard wine bottles all within reach of your serving area with this attractive design. The flat shelf bottom is perfect for displaying collectibles when you’re down a few bottles.

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Hexagonal Wine Rack: Handsome weathered gold finish gives this geometric wine rack elegant appeal. The distinctive shape holds wine bottles of any size securely and fashionably.

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Contemporary Wine Bottle and Glass Holder: Combine art and function with this geometric wine rack with space for two of your most versatile glasses. The overlapping rounded frames have a subtly retro flavor ideal for designers who love a bold aesthetic.

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6 Bottle Table Top Wine Rack: Complement your industrial or geometric decor with this interesting piece. At three pounds, this silver-finished wine rack is sturdy enough to hold your bottles without worry.

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Rooster Steel Wine Holder: Every country kitchen needs at least one piece of rooster decor! Get that charming farmhouse look with this folksy hand crafted wine holder, crafted from recycled scrap steel to satisfy your eco-friendly side.

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Dinosaur Wine Racks: Your guests will not be able to stop talking about these quirky dinosaur wine holders – the perfect focal point for the kitchen countertop or dining room. The artist also offers unfinished Wine-O-Saurs so you can paint your own.

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Horse Wine Holder: With or without a delicious bottle of wine, this stunning horse sculpture stands as a work of art you can admire every day. Consider this piece as a housewarming gift for equine aficionado.

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Lion Wine Holder: Accessorize your African style decor with this handmade metal lion finished to look like carved wood. The head and mane fit over the cap of the bottle, attached to the body by a chain so you won’t lose it. There’s a window in the lion’s back so you can still read the label with ease.

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Deer Wine Rack: Wouldn’t this look lovely in a Scandinavian inspired interior? Each one arrives in flat pack and assembles like a puzzle – this piece could serve as a fun DIY project with your wine friends or even the entire family.

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Antler Wine Rack: Imagine this wine holder in your lodge-themed den, or consider buying an extra as a housewarming or wedding gift for a couple who enjoys hunting or deer watching. Each one is hand-painted and crafted from durable resin.

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Knight’s Armour Wine Holder: People of Medieval times were no strangers to wine. This single-bottle holder would make a nice addition to a themed home bar, or would make a lovely gift for a friend who likes to sip while reading classical fantasy novels.

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Medieval Dragon Wine Holder: Serve drinks for your next Game of Thrones party or simply express your love for dragons with this exceptionally detailed dragon-shaped wine bottle holder. It’s made of cast resin but the incredible paint job makes it look like pewter.

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Mythical Dragon Claw Bottle Holder: Are you looking for a wine holder for your big Halloween party? This dragon claw is spooky and stylish, and hardcore Halloween fans might find it cool enough to display throughout the entire season.

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Gothic Skeleton Wine Holder: Perfect for Halloween or your favorite metalhead friend, this skeleton will get your next party started right.

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Skull Bike Bottle Holder: It’s hard to find a wine bottle holder just for bikers, but this piece could fit the bill. It would make a pretty sweet decoration for Halloween too!

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Antique Plane Wine Holder: Aviation fans are sure to love these next few wine holders! This one takes the shape of a vintage biplane, a neat metal sculpture that would look just as lovely without the bottle.

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Airplane Twin Wine Bottle Holder: Here’s another vintage airplane style, this time capable of holding two bottles of wine on either side. The nose swings up to reveal a space to tuck away a third bottle, perhaps a cheap wine that you don’t want your oenophile friends to see or an expensive vintage that you don’t want to share with just anybody.

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Jet Airplane Wien Holder: This jet plane is made of recycled scrap steel and crafted by hand in Germany.

Buy It: $21   

Antique Tricycle Wine Holder Elegant and chic, this bronze-tinted bottle holder comes to life with delicate flourishes and interesting details. We can just imagine how lovely this would look as a centerpiece at a wedding reception or on the shelf of a classically decorated home.

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Architect Wine Holder: It’s hard to find a fitting gift for the architect who has everything. This wine holder (more of a wine cover, actually) would certainly lighten up your favorite architect’s mood after a long day at the drafting table.

Buy It: $21   

Heel Wine Holder: Bachelorette party goals, right? This bottle holder would contribute attitude and style to any kind of gathering of wine-lovers. Other fitting party themes include Wizard of Oz, Halloween, or as a general gift for a shoe collector.

Buy It: $11   

Chain Wine Holder: Optical illusions are a quick way to create a focal point in any room. After all, it’s impossible to ignore something so unexpected.

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Lasso Wine Holder: Perhaps even more unexpected is to see a piece of “ordinary” string supporting a cantilever wine bottle with little effort. This optical illusion is so realistic, it’s bound to become a conversation starter.

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Ribbon Wine Holder: And here’s one more optical illusion bottle holder for those who want to add color to their wine and cheese spread in addition to turning heads. This one is available in every color of the rainbow.

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Balancing Wine Holder: No, this one isn’t an optical illusion. It’s all about balance. Getting the bottle and holder to maintain equilibrium takes a steady hand, but physics geeks are sure to enjoy the novelty.

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Arc Balancing Wine Holder: Smooth lacquered wood and careful construction make this one of the sleekest wine holders around. This piece is perfect for a minimalist interior. It comes in three colors, and look great lined up in a row in case you need to keep multiple bottles handy.

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Literal Wine Rack: There are wine likers, and there are wine lovers. This combination wine rack and glass hanger is for people who make a lifestyle of their oenophile tendencies.

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Baroque Style Wine Holder: Without investing in precious antiques, it can be hard to accessorize a baroque interior. This piece would make a neat addition to Art Deco themed homes as well.

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Swirl 6 Bottle Wine Rack: Modern, minimalist, and all-white interiors can definitely benefit from a sleek wine rack like this one. It holds six bottles (with one on top) but looks neat no matter how many you have.

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Curved Stainless Steel Wine Rack: This stainless steel wine rack is sure to stand up to the ages. It holds a maximum of five bottles but an especially motivated connoisseur could probably fit more on the sides or in the middle.

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Deco 79 Wood Wine Rack: Not only does this rack give off a wonderfully rustic and classic vibe, but it can store an incredible number of wine bottles on the long term – horizontal storage ensures the corks won’t dry out and ruin your favorite selections.

Buy It: $1144   

76 Bottle Curved Corner Wine Rack: If you’re looking to fill a hard-to-fit corner in your wine cellar, or have to work around a small wine cellar, this efficient rack just might work for you. It’s constructed from quality redwood and measures up at 25″ of width and depth, standing 72″ tall.

Buy It: $12 each   

Vino Styx 1 Bottle Wall Mount: Turn your favorite wine into decor with these stylish wall-mounted racks. Hang one in a handy place, like next to your cozy reading nook, or make a modular display by grouping several in any arrangement you’d like.

Buy It: $89   

Wall Mounted Wooden Wine Rack: Featuring a strip of metal against a sturdy pine shelf, this wine shelf and glass rack combination would suit any style of interior. It’s the ideal go-to solution for quality that can adapt to a changing interior.

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