Have you ever wondered how tea drinking became a thing? It has its roots in China where it was used as a medicinal drink as early as 2737 BC. Buddhist priests later introduced it to Japan where green tea became part of Japanese life. By the 1840’s tea time became a British tradition. America’s introduction to tea in the 1600’s led to the infamous Boston Tea Party. Today hot and iced tea are popular in the states and tea houses can be found in most cities across the U.S. Different varieties of teas have different uses. Jasmine tea is known to provide energy and soothe the stomach, green tea is full of antioxidants, black tea is suggested to reduce stroke risks, white tee has potent anticancer properties, and oolong helps to lower cholesterol.

It wasn’t until tea leaves were introduced that teapots were essential to tea making. And today there are so many styles to choose from. Here we share some of the most attractive teapots from the east, west and everywhere in between.


Stainless Steel Teapot: This stainless steel genie lamp teapot can grant your wish for your favorite tea. An infuser is included in the deal and it quickly brews up four cups of loose leaf tea.

$240BUY IT

Georg Jensen Helena Teapot with Coaster: The delicate Helena teapot has a stainless steel body and porcelain lid and coaster.

$135BUY IT

Kurl Tea Pot with Infuser: With this stainless steel tea from the Gourmet Coffee and Tea Collection you get a handcrafted piece, every piece is slightly different from the next. Its contemporary teardrop design will fit any style.


Shelby Rose Gold Finish Stainless Steel Teapot With Infuser: This durable borosilicate glass and rose gold stainless steel teapot and loose leaf tea infuser allows you to see the tea as you are brewing.

From $70BUY IT

Eva Teapot: The Eva stoneware teapot is dishwasher safe and comes with an infuser. Its designer from Maia Ming Designs enjoys Lapsong Souchong tea in the morning. Try your favorite flavor in this black and white cute teapot for yourself.


Teapot with Brewing Steeper: The wooden handle on this teapot with brewing steeper connects you with natural wood, starting your Zen moment even before your tea is brewed. The minimalist designed pot has an adjustable strainer to allow you to control how your tea is infused.


Eva Solo My Tea Teapot with Cup: This minimalist teapot has a stainless steel body and a slip-resistant silicone base and features a drip minimizing spout.


Tea for One Teapot: Why brew more than you need? With this ceramic teapot for one, prepare your solo cup without wasting precious tea.


Drip Tease Teapot: The name alone makes this one a winner. The fine bone china Drip Tease teapot has gold gilding that seems to drip down the body of this beautifully designed piece.


Teapot for One: Shaped like an egg, this stainless steel Minos teapot and cup for one works in kitchens with any design, from retro to contemporary. It comes equipped with heat resistant swappable silicon handles


Olivia Teapot: This red Chantal Olivia Teapot looks lovely and is also functional. The three cup pot features an ergonomic handle, handles the heat well, and has a non-porous glaze preventing flavors from absorbing into the piece.

$128BUY IT

Aladdin Lamp Style Teapot: Crafted like Aladdin’s lamp, this six cup cobalt blue teacup would look great in a traditional or country French kitchen


Elephant Teapot: For those who collect porcelain ceramic elephant statues , this white porcelain teapot is perfect for your collection. It also works well in an all white kitchen and is dishwasher and microwave safe.


Octopus Teapot: This would make the perfect gift for family and friends that love octopus décor . This white teapot with a mauve red ceramic octopus makes a fanciful addition to any kitchen.


Honey Bee Shaped Teapot: You’ll probably be adding a little honey to your tea, so why not a honey bee teapot. This hand painted ceramic pot will add a little fun to your afternoon teatime.


Swan Teapot: The swan is graceful but this teapot is not delicate. This porcelain dishwasher safe and is as durable as it is attractive.

$250BUY IT

Peacok Teapot: This graceful peacock teapot brings nature to your kitchen. Sculpted in porcelain, each piece is hand-painted. Cups to match this proud peacock can be found in our post with more peacock décor .

$275BUY IT

Pheonix Flame Teapot: This intricately designed teapot in an orange and red flame on crème porcelain is a statement making piece.

$250BUY IT

Teapot with Decorative Bird: Made with Franz Porcelain, this red teapot is home to the nest of a joyful resting magpie. The handle loops down and back into the pot as the branch of a tree.


Rooster Teapot: Perfect for a country kitchen, this gorgeous red rooster teapot brings tea home to roost.


Blue Bird Teapot: Brew up a cup for one in this cheerful blue bird kettle set. The teapot brews 12 ounces and the cup holds 8 ounces of your favorite tea.

$195BUY IT

Bird on Bamboo Teapot: A songbird perching on bamboo serves as the handle for this exquisite Franz hand crafted porcelain teapot. The detailed painting and interesting shape of the piece makes it a work of art.


Red Chili Pepper Teapot: Some like it hot, like this chili pepper teapot. The 5 inch pot offers a splash of color to any kitchen.


Lady with Hat Teapot and Cup Set: A cute teapot designed as a hat sits atop this cute “lady” tea cup. The teapot comes in a variety of hat designs, choose one or a few and make a collection of this unique design.


Scandinavian Style Teapot with Infuser: This modern glass teapot has a touch of Zen and comes with a tea infuser and tea egg that serves as a strainer and a unique design detail.


Hand-blown Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser: Durable dorcilicate glass was hand-blown to make this Zen teapot that sits on a bamboo trivet. The piece includes a stainless steel filter and a bamboo tea scoop.


Mint One-Handed Teapot: Two red cups sit in the top of this porcelain tea set. The carafe is in a bright white with cute curves and includes a built-in stainless steel infuser.


Star Wars BB-8 Teapot: Star Wars Home Decor fans rejoice, this BB-8 teapot and cup set is out of this galaxy. This gem is an officially licensed character collectible.


Cast Iron Japanese Style Teapot: Tea time in Japan is a centuries old tradition. This traditional Japanese cast iron teapot, also called a tetsubin, is perfect for brewing tea. The cast iron is distributes heat evenly, pulling out the best flavors of your tea and can keep it warm for an hour. Included is a stainless steel infusing basket.


Floral Cast Iron Teapot: This cobalt blue floral cast iron teapot holds 34 ounces of your favorite blend. The cast iron will evenly brew your tea and an enameled interior gives the pot a longer life. A stainless steel infuser is also included. Beautiful in any kitchen, it would sparkle as a centerpiece in a country French designed room


Tetsubin Teapot: Adorned with silver and black goldfish for good fortune, this Japanese 22 ounce tetsubin teapot comes with a stainless steel infuser.


Kyusu Teapot: The name says it all, Kyusu is a Japanese term for teapot and this low profile kyusu features a unique design feature. The handle and spout are on the same side. Made with crème ceramic, this cup is made in Japan and is available all over the world.

$100BUY IT

Antique Style Teapot: From the popular tea emporium Teavana, this cast iron 44 ounce teapot features a gold imperial dragon on its side and includes a stainless steel strainer.


Oriental Dragon Shaped Teapot: A symbol of good luck, prosperity, and even harmony, this dragon teapot is perfect for afternoon tea with friends.


Asian 2 Cup Teapot Set: Use this little tea for two set at home, or take it with you. The set includes a portable handmade ceramic tea pot with strainer and two tea cups.


Minimalist Asian Style Tea Set: This porcelain teapot comes with two tea cups and infuser and can also be used for coffee. Porcelain is known to work best when making white and green teas because of its low heat transference. The set also comes with cute rattan coasters for your cups.


Yixing Teapot: Used by the Chinese since the 15th century, Yixing clay teapots are for perfect brewing black and oolong teas. Named for the town in the Jiangsu province in which the mineral rock that is used to make the clay is found.


Handmade Sculptural Yixing Teapot: This handmade teapot has a beautiful silhouette and is made from Chinese Yixing clay.


Yixing Clay Teapot: Here is another teapot made with Yixing clay. The 15 ounce taupe pot has a beautiful curve to its body and the handle and lid meet level, making for an easy pouring experience.

Choosing the right teapot is about function and also personal style, the same can be said for your pitchers and coffee mugs.

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