Whether you’re planning to highlight to a gorgeous heirloom dish set or just want to complement your budding collection of everyday service, flatware is an investment worth serious consideration. For those seeking formal dinnerware, guests will come in direct contact with the cutlery far more often than the other table elements. For everyday use, it pays to find a set that feels just as comfortable in the hand as it does on the eye. This guide details 40 flatware sets that have some type of unique feature or finish – something that can help set your dining arrangement apart from the rest.

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Herdmar Black Cutlery: Black cutlery makes a bold impression at any table setting – a rare choice sure to get guests talking. Plus, the unique finish means you won’t have to polish them!

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Mahogany Flatware Set: Petite and elegant. This flatware set takes a unique approach to a classic design, pairing rich mahogany handles with sleek and simple stainless steel.

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Cutipol Goa Set: This handmade cutlery set includes one knife, one fork, one spoon, and a set of attractive chopsticks with matching stand.

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Alessi “eatit” Flatware: Designed by Wiel Arets, this flatware set boasts highly symmetrical curves to put tactile pleasure on equal measure with taste.

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Arne Jacobsen 5-Piece: Renowned designer Arne Jacobsen created this immediately recognizable cutlery set in 1957, and it has endured as an icon ever since. You can see this set used in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: a Space Odyssey.

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Alessi Santiago Set: English architect David Chipperfield designed this gorgeous set of hefty, polished, and nice-to-hold cutlery for beloved kitchen brand Alessi. The design is highly symmetrical and line-based.

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Heart-Shaped Spoons: These are so perfect for sweets. Designed by Miriam Mirri, this set provides a touch of whimsy to elevate any coffee or dessert spread. Consider these if you’re looking for a gift for a housewarming or wedding!

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Alessi Zlin Plastic Cutlery: Crafted from thermoplastic resin, this blue flatware set is sure to draw second glances. If you’re planning a picnic or other event that requires sturdy but lightweight cutlery, this set is a strong bet.

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Villeroy and Boch: This 64-piece flatware set makes a big impression with a small twist right where the handle ends. The knife has an especially distinctive shape, standing out from the rest.

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Almoco Flatware: Available in black, copper, gold, and silver, this flatware set carries a classic appeal for those who don’t want to stray too far from tradition. The wide variety of finishes makes this set easy to pair with your favorite dishes.

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Mediterraneo Salad Set: Although these serving spoons would look wonderful with Alessi’s Mediterraneo set, they would add the perfect touch of artistry to any ordinary salad bowl.

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Treble Clef Flatware: Whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift for a musician or just want a flatware set to compliment your artistic table setting, these heavyweight utensils will leave a lasting impression with dinner guests.

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Kaya Black Pearl Cutlery: Titanium plated, generous proportions, and a gorgeous black finish – this set distinguishes itself from others with a smooth shape and ergonomic curves.

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Arthur 24-Piece Set: Villeroy & Boch created this cutlery set with a detailed approach, sure to complement any dish set.

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Solex Sophia Flatware: Flared handles and smooth shoulders give this cutlery set a distinctive profile. The knife’s curved handle is especially distinctive, but the curvature of the spoons will likely draw comments as well.

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Splendide Bella: Thick and wide handles give this flatware set a superior grip, just as lovely to use as they are to admire.

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Yamazaki Merge Duo: Heavy and artistic – this cutlery set elongates the form of the tines and bowls, shortening the handles in relation. The distinct proportions would ensure they fit wonderfully with a weighty dish set.

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Cantilever Flatware: Didn’t think there were any new ways to innovate with flatware? This is the solution we’ve all been waiting for! This cantilever cutlery design provides a degree of separation between the utensil and the surface on which it sits. This set is sure to make dinner party cleanup easier than ever.

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Copper Twig Cutlery: Your rustic cabin tableware theme craves these twig-shaped fork, spoons, and knives. These would make a wonderful gift for the hunter or outdoors enthusiast in your life.

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Silver-Plated Twig Flatware: Here’s a higher-end approach to the twig cutlery theme. This brass and stainless steel flatware set is created from casts of real twigs for a mesmerizing sense of realism. A final coating of silver brings them into the realm of luxury.

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Goldleaf Salad Set: Absolutely gorgeous! This salad fork and spoon effortlessly mimics a budding twig, every bump and leaf transcribed without flaw.

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Gourmet Settings Flatware: Artistic handles are a great way to infuse a little character within a dining set. This flatware makes an immediate impression with light radiating from every detail of its silver-coated finish.

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Conquest 30-Piece Cutlery Set: Available with a generous 25-year limited warranty, this cutlery set is sure to make an impression for generations to come. The swirly accents would work well to suit a great variety of contemporary dishware sets making the rounds these days.

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20-Piece Wilderness Flatware Set: The handles include engraved images of forest plants and animals: a leaf, bear, duck, moose, pinecone, and fish. It’s a traditional cutlery set with just a touch of rustic flair.

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Yamazaki 24-Karet Cutlery: With its art deco pattern and luxurious finish, this 24-karat cutlery set is sure to attract the admiration of guests. Be aware that anything plated with gold can suffer from air-drying though: dry directly after washing unless you’re using a dishwasher!

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Fortessa Dragonfly: This 20-piece set looks like a collection of precision instruments with their long slender handles. While this image only shows the spoons, each piece is distinctive in its own way.

Buy It: $202   

WMF Taika 20-Piece: Minimalistic, but with a slight flare at the ends, this set has a careful balance that feels good in the hand.

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WMF Nordic 30-Piece: Similar to the previous set, this long and heavy flatware collection maintains the clean lines that go best with a modern or minimalist kitchen. This one stands out from the previous set tanks to its distinctively curved knife handle.

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Yamazaki Gone Fishin’: With delicately finned tails on the handles and playful dotted eyes on the working end of each utensil, this set is perfect for somebody who lives on the lake or perhaps just loves to cook. The knife blade is made from high carbon cutlery steel for long-lasting precision.

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Alban 5-Piece: Thick handles and a playful line give this cutlery set a distinctive aesthetic that just might end up serving as the star of the table.

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Wallace Grande Baroque: Fine sterling silver lends its radiance to this 5-piece set of glamorously detailed cutlery. The handles feature intricate classical flourishes for a modern take on traditional design.

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Medieval Cutlery Set: Completely forged by hand, these ancient-styled utensils are just what you need for your next themed dinner party. That twist is the perfect finishing touch: a common decorative detail in antique wrought iron.

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Seletti Keytlery: Antique keys inspire the unique shape of each handle in this creative flatware set. These utensils are made of 18/10 stainless steel with an electroplated titanium finish.

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Gold Keytlery Set: Just like the previous set, except this time with a gold finish on electroplated steel.

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Midas 24-Piece: Plated with real gold, this set of 24 will enhance your table with classic luxury. The semi-matte surface ensures this set will look great even without a yearly polishing.

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Handmade Brass Cutlery: Taking inspiration from late 16th century European styles, this graceful utensil set tells a story with its unique and delicate aesthetic. Each piece is cast, forged, turned, and finished by hand in a village in Kutch where brass working has a history reaching back over 900 years.

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Linea Rose Gold Cutlery Set: It’s nice to see rose gold getting the attention it deserves. This 5-piece set (also available in gold and black) offers elegant style and reliable design in hard-to-find finishes.

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Gold Accent 5-Piece: Gold accents flaunt the edges of this stylish steel cutlery set. The forks have an especially dramatic appeal to them, with flourishes crossing over the tines for a memorable experience.

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Palio 24-Piece Set: Inspired by the Palio di Siena horse race, this 24-piece streamlined design boasts one of the largest accessory selections of any other line: anything from dessert cutlery to oyster forks, crab knives, caviar spoons, and more. This set is a Red Dot Design Award winner.

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Vitalis By Carl Mertens: A continuous curve runs down the edges of each piece. This set feels balanced yet fluid, with a satin finish that allows their distinctive profile to serve as the highlight of the show.

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