Black converse, you say? Why black, why not any other colors? The answer to this is simple; not only is black a slimming color, it is a classic and it can work with so many other colors without needing you to think too much. What is more we are talking about Converse, a brand that is dedicated to encouraging the active lifestyle which means it is going to comfortable and stylish. By stylish, in this instance, we mean stylish not in the high fashion sense, but in the smartly casual way. The thing is that there are many cute outfits with Converse that will warm the cockles of your heart and make you want to wear them so that you can do some activity without much thought given to whether your feet will hurt or whether your shoe will last throughout the activity. If you are thinking where else will I need to be active except when you are working out in the gym or going for a run, then think again. You will find that there are many occasions in life where a nice trending outfits with black Converse would be the way to go.

Trending Outfits With Black Converse For 2017

For instance, if you are wondering what to wear to a country concert, you will find an outfit with black converse would not be wrong at all. This is because at concerts, we often find ourselves spending a lot of time standing and moving around. Also, these concerts can be held outdoors and this means that you need to be in an outfit and footwear that allows you to enjoy the outdoors by moving around. The shoes help a lot when you have to spend a lot of time standing on your feet, which can get to be tiresome if the footwear is too uncomfortable. You will find that while learning about stylish ways to wear your sweatshirt this winter, you will also find that adding the black Converse to this will make the outfit well rounded.

The thing about casual shoes and fashion is that we often do not even consider them as an option to be stylishly dressed is because casual shoes often translate to clumsy outfits. But this need not be the case at all; in fact, it is up to you to ensure that you do not end up looking like a slob just because you are wearing comfortable shoes. In fact, if anything, the whole idea that comfortable shoes translates to sloppy dressing is down to you. That is why you can typically wear anything from a crisp and short skirt with a smart top to even a nice cute shirtdress with converse shoes if that is what you want. The thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the styling veers towards smart and not too girly. Which means a simple, naturally made up look is the way to go when you wear outfits like these.

One cannot imagine that a simple outfit consisting of a shirtdress or a mini skirt with t-shirt or long sweater with tights or jeans with sweatshirt and black converse would look good with smoky eye makeup or a dark lipstick. It is simply a matter of completing the look in an apt manner. In fact, you should consider adding small touches like a sports watch and a large casual bag would be great touches to add to any outfit with black converse shoes.

Do remember that most outfits will work with black Converse shoes as long as you keep away from very obvious floral prints, flounces, laces, frills and such other features.

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