Spring, the very word can bring a spring to your step and lift your mood and this is because even nature wears its best colors at this time of the year. It is a time where everything is at its most colorful and bright. This mood and the color palette are often reflected in the way girls and women dress during this time. The fashions of spring do not quite have the blatant short and brief look of the summer months, but also do not have the need to layer look of fall. There is an effort to look upbeat, but attractive and comfortable at the same time. It is a time to be unabashedly feminine and floral and be proud of dressing that way. The outfits worn during the spring months, normally do not have the edginess that creeps in the stark winter and extreme summer months. That is why there are pretty spring outfits for teen girls aplenty.





Superb And Scintillating Spring Outfits





When you look at cute spring fashion outfits, you will realize they seem to be inspired by the light springiness of the weather and seem to make it part of the fashions. One of the examples of light and breezy spring fashion could be perfect polka dot outfits to wear that seem to reflect the jollity of spring.

Here are some pointers for spring outfits that will add to the charm of the season:



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Light and breezy instead of tight and fitting: Since spring is the time most things are supposed to bloom and come into their own, it would seem wrong to go for something that is tight and restricting. It would be more in keeping with the light and lovely weather to wear light and breezy fabric that fit well instead of being too tight or fitting. The idea being if you want to go for a short outfit, you should go for a short frock or flowing skirt instead of shorts or tight skirt.







Floral and uplifting prints all the way: Floral prints somehow have the tendency to lift your mood through and through. The best part is that they come in all sizes and types and offer plenty of choice for you to pick from. And in case floral prints really do not appeal to you, you can go with leafy prints or nice cute dots or even paisley, but keeping in mind you are going for a light and easy feel.

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Feminine and simple is the key word: Though you want to look hot and keep feeling cool at all times, the idea behind spring dressing is to make things simple and feminine instead of adding an edge to your style of dressing. Which means that you need to stay away from leathers or torn denims to a large extent. And even if you are going for your typical faded and distressed denim with tee, add a floral shrug or stole to pep things up.







If you are still a little unclear about what we mean by spring dressing, then we ask you to think in terms of laces, cute feminine jumpsuits, rompers, long and short skirts, floral cotton blouses, short flowing frocks with cute embellishments, and if you must wear shorts, then these too should have a spring element or two to make it spring like to go with the theme of the season. Pastel shades or at least light versions of a jewel like tones are the way to go.










We are not saying that you should stick to only these shades, but do add a bit of sunshine related colors on to your wardrobe portfolio to keep the smiles coming when people look at you. There is no harm in showing off your lovely shoulders or neck to make your outfit look attractive, but do make sure that you do not go overboard. Not only your dressing, but your hair and makeup should reflect these cute and feminine touches that somehow signify spring all throughout.

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