40+ Summer DIY compositions-decorations for the fireplace with natural materials

Due to both the size and the point that is usually placed in a way that … dominates the space, the point of the fireplace is one of the most suitable for seasonal decorations.
For the very same reason a specially large fireplace, which fails to aesthetically “transform” for the space that is left out, is an irrelevant and “annoying” decorative element, while it is not difficult at all … to do it. ..protagonist and during the summer.

So withdraw what “heavy” and winter decorations surround it and create here, depending on the total available space, a summer composition based on natural materials and elements that refer to summer.
Wood, glass, clay, rope, shells, sand, straw and a little … color, your main allies in this type of decorations and ideas to combine them inexhaustibly.

How to make DIY summer curtains – garlands with shells

Pebbles, natural or decorative shells, glass and bottles of sand or flowers, wicker hats, and baskets, summer boats, pallet boards to make … paintings, wooden frames to paint and fill with … sea, license jars of food packaging, etc. are just some of the very economical materials for use in such summer arrangements/decorations.

These seasonal decorations, based on simple and natural materials, are suitable even for particularly classically decorated spaces, where you will use more glass (glasses, vases, etc.) and just the wooden elements will give you the appropriate style.

Even if you do not have a fireplace, you can greatly … imitate this style of decorations with natural summer elements to decorate eg a large shelf and the wall piece surrounding it, the space above and around a low table, a chest of drawers, etc. creating a central spot with a strong summer atmosphere in the living area.

Fresh summer decoration with wicker objects