Are you one of those who mistakenly think that bows belong strictly on the outfits of kids? The reason that we say you are mistaken in thinking that way because we feel that bows are an often misunderstood feature of dresses that have put in an unacceptable fashion corner for no real reason at all. Or maybe there is a reason and it is that people have gone for the clichéd overdone bow on cute little girl’s dresses. No matter what the reasons are, in this article, we are going to tell you how the bow can work in your favor. In short, this article is going to be about simple but cute bow collar dress outfits. A bow can definitely play a part in coming up with pretty preppy dresses to prepare you for almost any occasion. It can add a smart look to an otherwise sober and practical outfit. It can also be a part of naughty knot dresses that need no further description.

Simple But Cute Bow Collar Dress Outfits

Yes, no doubt you can wear cute bow dresses to be charming and quaint but that is not all. There are many occasions where you will find that a bow collar dress outfit that will make you look smart and prepared for even the most official occasion like a formal interview or presentation. A bow in such outfits would be considered equivalent to a tie and performs the same function, which is take a simple top or blouse and make it worthy of a formal occasion. But if you think that is all it does, you are absolutely wrong, it can make a simple dress look sexier and some naughtier with just this simple feature added to it.

It can make people itch to see what the neck bow is hiding when it is placed sometimes saucily on one side of the neck instead of dead center. We are not saying that bows placed in the center of the neck do not do this but the side placement is a bit unusual and draws the eye to make the onlooker become more curious than usual. Some outfits have the cute little bow at the neck only when the outfit has a collar but the collar is not mandatory in order to have a bow and can be placed even without the collar. In fact, if you look at some blouses, tops or dresses, you will find that the bow is something that can be tied at the neck to ensure that the dress looks more official and also to cover the cleavage area and make it more office appropriate.

Sometimes, the bow in such dress can also be placed a bit lower to make the dress from being too simpler or too monotonous. Some outfits have a wraparound kind of effect that culminates in a fastening in the form of the bow. And this bow can either be dead center or to one side. Some women also combine with a deep sleeveless outfit with a high neck and a bow in the middle. This can show off a part of the shoulders, neck, throat area and the sleeves but also ensures that the neck is not too deep. If you want you can make a simple dress look more dramatic with the addition of an over the top big bow.

Though this article is not about a bow on any other place but the neck, we have to mention that you can play around with the placement of the bow by putting it on the waist, back or even down the sides. Another thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to bow is that it needs not always be of the fabric of the rest of the dress but can be in another color and of another type of fabric to break the monotony of the outfit.

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