Rustic style is one of the most trending interior designs genres on the scene. And today, we’re focusing our inspiration on family corners that exemplify that look. These 40 rustic living room ideas are perfect to fashion your home revamp around. From the furniture choices to the accents, this is how to take a trend and personalize it to your own vision. Let’s have a peek, shall we?

1. With Gray Velvet

rustic living room with gray velvet sofa

Elle Decor begins our journey through textural, rustic living rooms with this slate gray masterpiece. We’re loving the velvet texture and gorgeous fireplace that compliments in such an elegant way. The browns and natural lighting make for a nice contrast to the deeper tones.

2. With Natural Light

This rustic living room from AD has a beautiful bout of natural lighting that is the best accent of the entire room. It plays nicely off of the coral tones and natural wood.

3. With Navy

Living room in navy blue decor

Yes, you can utilize envy blue in your rustic living room creation as well. Just check out this space brought to us by Hello Farmhouse, with its deep tone and cream contrast you still get that farmhouse quality.

4. With A Chandelier

Just because you aren’t decorating for an extra glam spot in the house, doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to use chandeliers. And this space from Zillow, has a beautiful example of how to make that happen in a rustic area.

5. With Brick

If you visit Zillow again, you’ll find this traditional space with a gorgeous brick fireplace. It has everything you need for the room to stay stylish but also comfortable for the family.

6. With Beams

Exposed beams round out this rustic, Victorian beauty. This example from AD gives us great inspiration for combining interior design styles and mixing favorite pieces together.

7. With A View

This rustic living room not only has a grand, cozy feeling but it’s got one of the best views around. Using this kind of style, found at Elle Decor, is perfect for when you’re already nestled in the mountains or the countryside.

8. With A Bit of Vintage

Blue and gray living room design

Blesserhouse has so many wonderful examples of beautiful homes. And this rustic beauty is just another one that we wanted to show off – especially with its nod to vintage decor as well.

9. With Layers

Liz Marie always showcases beautiful concocted spaces. This rustic masterpiece is polished off with layers and layers of comfort.

10. With Neutrals

We found this neutral living room on Pinterest as well and stopped it right up. Creating a rustic space is really easy, especially when you stick to tones like cream, brown, and gray.

11. With A Pallet Wall

Pallet walls are always a great way to focus your rustic space as well. Check out this scene from Taryn Whiteaker and allow it to inspire some DIY projects.

12. With Antlers

Antlers are always a good way to round out the rustic interior design style. We found this trendy little spot on Pinterest and fell in love with its gallery wall.

13. With Distressing

Shady Oak Farms had this really pretty space up their sleeve. And what caught our eye the most was the distressed furniture pieces that fit right in with this home style.

14. With Stone

The stone fireplace here creates the most gorgeous forces to the space. This rustic living room was brought to us by Country Living and it had the best foundation for the decorating.

15. With A Chevron Floor

Doris Leslie Blau showcased this stunning rustic living room. Every part of the space is filled with the intricate details, trendy accents, and a show-stopping hardwood floor.

16. With Wooden Arrows

Little Brick featured this rustic nook and we were immediately drawn to those wooden arrows on the wall. Those pieces are great for inspiring DIY projects, don’t you think?

17. With Contemporary Style

Lighting Connection had us falling in love with this contemporary and rustic fusion. The raw, organize pieces comes together nicely with the crisp polishing.

18. With DIY Flair

There’s a lot of DIY vibes happening in this little space. Shutter fly had this beauty up their sleeve and we instantly fell in love with its homey vibe.

19. With Black and White

Taryn Whiteaker uses black and white all throughout her home but still keeps everything on the more “shabby chic” side of things.

20. With Aztec Prints

Here’s another peek inside Taryn Whiteaker‘s space and we love the addition of this black and white Aztec rug. It brings a bout of youthful style right into the rustic living room.

21. With Orange

Pinterest always has a lot of great inspiration and that includes this cozy space. Orange tones work well with cream and brown, making it a great accompaniment to rustic style.

22. With Trendy Decor

While perusing through Pinterest, we found this trendy and fun space. It definitely has a rustic quality about it while blending well with a more worldly, eclectic sense as well.

23. With Light Pops

Rustic doesn’t mean dark or bland. You can create that texture and vibe with brighter pops of color like you see here in this Pinterest find.

24. With Antique Trunks

Easy to find inspiration for those wanting to change our the nooks and crannies of their home. And this antique piece will inspire so many to transform their home with a more rustic or farmhouse quality.

25. With Lots of Creams

We snatched it right up because not only is it elegant but it’s got that warmness that every family space need stop have.

26. With A Chalkboard

Chalkboards are always a great way to spruce up and personalize a rustic space. And don’t be afraid to slide one in the living room like you see here in this space.

27. With Buffalo Check

Pinterest had this buffalo check focus up their sleeve as well. With or without the print, the living room soars, but we love the amount of personalization and trendy style it offers.

28. With Brightness

Here’s another gorgeous, rustic living room that’s initiated by brightness. Exposed beams and powder blues round out this farmhouse vision from The Spruce quite nicely.

29. With Masculinity

A bit of masculinity never hurt anyone. And that’s what this space from Pinterest has to offer. A leather chair and warm wood on the walls add the right amount of edge.

30. With Cottage Vibes

Cottage accents go well with rustic style as well. If you want some femininity brought into the space.

31. With All-Whites

The Spruce went with white eyes and use texture to create their rustic vision. Layers of lushness and distressed pieces, it’s a gorgeous space with a lot of personalization.

32. With Typography

These personalized typography pieces are another great way to style your farmhouse home. We stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest and knew a lot of readers would want to put this to fruition as well.

33. With Simplicity

Pinterest offered up this simple beauty as well. You can still has rustic style but with a minimal quality that’s clean and crisp.

34. With Hazey Grays

You’ll find lots of great spots to grab ideas from. And if you’re looking for rustic living room, grab some ideas from this hazey gray area.

35. With Fresh Florals

Decor Pad showed us how to mix the texture of a rustic room with the boho quality of one with a bout of beach inspiration. And we are loving the unique blend of both.

36. With Christmas

Here’s a pretty space from Craftberry Bush that features cozy qualities and a bit of Christmastime too. There’s a punch of extra elegance involved in this space with its romantic colors.

37. With Sage Green

If you’re looking for what kinds of colors to add to your neutral, rustic living room, then check out this space we found on Pinterest. Sage green goes well since its got a more organic, natural quality.

38. With A Farmhouse Mix

Twelve On Main gave us a living room that holds both farmhouse and rustic styles really nicely. There are so many bits and pieces that we love.

39. With Victorian Essence

There are tones of rustic decor pieces but there’s a Victorian polish over the entire scene that we’re swooning for.

40. With Cranberry Accents

For more traditional lovers, you’ll be drawn to the setup here and its cranberry focus.

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