The Ivy League haircut has become increasingly popular and adopted by more than just students of elite colleges. As a type of crew cut but fit for slightly longer hair on top, it allows men a certain flexibility in styling it while still being low-maintenance. It can be worn with a side part, with or without short bangs, as a forward or backwards brush. These features are what make it a convertible haircut.

If you’re thinking of getting a new look, then you can’t go wrong with the versatile ivy league haircut. It suits every situation, be it casual or professional. Feel free to choose one of our following recommendations if you want to stay in pace with the current style trends.

1. Classic Ivy League Haircut

We’re starting with classic version of the ivy league haircut which will never go out of style thanks to the combination of simplicity and elegance. It works well with both curly and straight hair.

Classic Ivy league Haircut

2. Matt Damon’s Ivy League

Another variant of the classic ivy league style is the one worn by Matt Damon over the years. It’s versatile haircut as he wore it in different styles, with a side part, short bangs, brushed upwards, backwards, to the side or even with spikes.

Matt Damon Ivy League Haircut

3. George Clooney’s Ivy League Haircut

His haircut definitely contributed to him being the sexiest man several times. This version of the ivy league work very well with a side part so feel free to try it out yourself.

George Clonney haircut

4. Classic Smooth Ivy League

Volume at the front is the key element to this awesome haircut anyone with slightly longer hair can get.

classic smooth haircut

5. Stylish Quaff

This ivy league haircut goes even further with the volume. It’s brushed forward and upwards for the trademark quaff with shorter sides and bangs.

Stylish quaff haircut

6. Ivy League with Side Sweep

Longer hair in the front and on top? Just get this side sweep ivy league haircut It’s a excellent combination of classic and modern styles thanks to the slight mid fade.

side sweep haircut

7. Mid Fade Ivy League

A mid fade works extremely well with an ivy league haircut brushed to the side with clean cuts, The beard compliments the haircut but it’s optional.

Mid fade Ivy league

8. Mid Fade with Clean Lines Ivy League

This upwards brushed clean lines mid fade ivy league haircut is sure to make you look sharp for any ocassion.

Fade Ivy league haircut

9. Mid Fade Short Cut Ivy League

The mid fade combined with medium length top hair brushed sideways is a modern take on a classical look designed to make anyone look great.

Mid Fade Ivy league

10.  Shot Cut Side Sweep Ivy League

Another short cut take on the ivy league but you have to go easy on the mid fade and brush it to the side to achieve this great look.

Short Cut Ivy league haircut

11. Side Part Mid Fade Ivy League

This haircut combines the ivy league with a side part and a mid fade, while the top hair is brushed upwards to achieve a sleek and modern look.

Ivy league fade haircut

12.  Side Part High Fade Ivy league

This ivy league haircut can’t be worn by anyone because of the high fade, but the side part and being brushed to side make it very stylish.

Yvi league full fade haircut

13. Mid Fade Spiky Ivy League Style

You wouldn’t associate a wild spiky style with an ivy league haircut but get a mid fade and you’ll get an awesome look.

Ivy league haircut

14. Long Ivy League with Mid Fade

If you prefer slightly longer  wavy top hair but don’t know how to style it, then we recommend getting a mid fade for an excellent look.

Ivy league haircut with mid fade

15. Quiff Full Fade Ivy League

Get a great haircut by sweeping your hair forwards and upwards at the front with a great mid fade for the perfect look.

Mid Fade Ivy league

16. Lateral spike Ivy League Haircut

If have enough length hair to work with, then we recommend trying a spike orientated to the sides or front. It’s a great casual low-maintenance look.

Spike Ivy league haircut

17. Rebellious Ivy League  Haircut

This nonconformist haircut combines fully defined spikes with the classic style specific to ivy league and a mid fade to form a unique look filled with personality.

Ivy league with spikes

18. Ivy League with Faux Hawk

The ivy league’s versatility comes into full display when combined with faux hawk tapered at the back and fading at the sides.

Faux Hawk Ivy Leage

19. Slick-back Ivy League

Usually, ivy league haircut style don’t involve long hair but one way to go is with this slick-back style achieved by backwards brushing.

Slick-back haircut

20. Total slickness Ivy League

The cut is nothing special but the way you style it is what makes unique and stand out from a crowd.

Slick Ivy league haircut

21.  Gelled Classic Ivy League

If you want a classic ivy league haircut with a personal touch then feel free do so. You can get something similar to Henry Cavill’s hairdo with just some gel.

Ivy league haircut

22. High Volume Ivy League

If you have hair that naturally has a lot of volume despite being short then we recommend going with Justin’s style to make full use of natural traits.

High volume ivy league haircut

23. Messy Ivy League with Spikes

If you have medium length hair you should try a low maintenance but stylish haircut with a short cut at the back and sides.

Spiky messy ivy league haircut

24. Mature Ivy League Style

As versatile as the ivy league haircut is, even older gentlemen can wear with an appropriate style that complement their age.

Mature Ivy League Style

25.  Young Ivy League Style

Combine a mid fade with the ample upwards brushed hair of a ivy league and you get this style perfect for teenagers and students.

Young Ivy League Style

26.  Slick Brushed Back Style

Leonardo Dicaprio haircut is the most representative for this style featuring a slick backward brush medium length wavy hair.

Slick Ivy League haircut

27. Zac Efron Style

The ivy league haircut is perfect for men with a full and voluminous hair like Zac Efron. It’s a great look no matter how you style it.

Ivy League haircut

28. Perked Up Ivy League

Another simple but incredibly stylish version of the ivy league haircut with a perked up fringe.

Perked Ivy league Haircut

29.  Ivy League with Pampadour

The ivy league haircut works great with a pomp combined with a mid fade so you’ll be sure to look great.

Pomp Ivy League

30. Pomp with Side Part Ivy League

The original combination of a pomp with a side part and mid fade leads to a great ivy league haircut.

Pompadour Side Part Ivy league

31. The Channing Tatum Ivy League Haircut

Even though we know him from such movies as Magic Mike and Step Up, Channing Tatum can cut a pretty dapper figure when he wants to. Here he is as your source of inspiration for a gorgeous Ivy League haircut.

ivy league haircut channing tatum

32. The Classic Ivy League Haircut

If you’re more the classical type of man, then there’s no need to stray from the traditional ways. Take a cue from this select school gentleman and wear a dark chestnut haircut, white ensemble included.

classic ivy league haircut

33. The Zayn Malik Ivy League Haircut

As you probably already know, Zayn Malik’s hair has its own legion of followers. One his many haircuts was the Ivy League one, which you can see in this picture. Zayn brought it to the 2010s by pairing it with his trademark nose earring.

zayn malik ivy league haircut

34. The Retro Ivy League Haircut

This slick and gelled hairdo with a perfect straight parting on one side is perfect for when you want to spend long days in the library reading and studying. Don’t forget the woolen jumper. It can get drafty in old libraries.

retro ivy league haircut

35. The Hipster Ivy League Haircut

This is an old type of haircut. In fact, it’s so old that it’s now back into fashion. It’s a bit longer than the rest, and the hair is a lot more relaxed and fresh. Use some product to get your hair to stay in place and pair it with some nice hipster shades.

hipster ivy league haircut

36. The Blonde Ivy League Haircut

Your nice, blonde hair will work perfectly with those elegant college blazers and shirts. Wear your tie in a roguish way around campus to get the ladies to notice you and your sunny locks.

blonde ivy league haircut

37. The Eddie Redmayne Ivy League Haircut

If Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne had been American, he would surely have attended an Ivy League college in real life as well. Being British, he attended Trinity College, at Cambridge, where he studied History of Art. Talk about inspiration!

eddie redmayne ivy league haircut

38. The Tom Hiddleston Ivy League Haircut

Tom Hiddleston can become your inspiration as well if he isn’t already. The actor studied Classics at Pembroke College at Cambridge and then graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Here he is sporting a fantastic haircut.

tom hiddleston ivy league haircut

39. Perfection and Ivy Leagues

If there was ever a perfect picture of an Ivy League young man, this is it. The perfect face, windswept haircut, backpack for books, and woolen sweater make him swoon-worthy. Copy the look for the same effect on the ladies.

gorgeous ivy league haircut

40. The Spiky Ivy League Haircut

Don’t be afraid to show some attitude, even if you are attending such an elitist college. Here is a spiky haircut that is bound to attract some attention.

spiky ivy league haircut

August 2019: We updated the styles in this article.

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