Tomatoes, eggs, cheese and bacon are the main ingredients of this tasty and quick breakfast in which you will enjoy.

Quiche easy with dumpling skin

On a good party good food, good drink and good music are must have. It’s on you to choose how you will serve the guests. This can be done using a tray to serve each guest individually, you can arrange a Swedish table or make lunch or dinner and set the table where all the guests will sit down and enjoy the meal that you have prepared for them. Do not think that some ways of serving food seem simpler and require fewer loads. Even the food you serve guests on the tray should be decorated beautifully and requires as much attention as the one you will place on the table.

As the name Swedish table says, it is a mode of serving food that has origin from the Scandinavian countries. On the Swedish table is served several different types of food, so guests approach in order to serve themselves , take the food that they like and the quantities in which they want it. On the traditional Swedish table will be served both, hot and cold meals, but dessert does not have to be included in the buffet. Swedish table is the most common type of serving food in restaurants, hotels, on the cocktails and private parties.

It is very popular at children’s birthday parties, baptisms, and other parties for children to organize sweet Swedish table, richly decorated, where there are a lot of different sweets. Kids just need to choose which cake they want to eat. Due to perfectly decorated candies on these tables, children are rarely choosy!

Cuisine is a kind of art, and most people feel pleasure while decorating the food and serve it in a variety of ways to host properly friends or relatives. When you know that you’ll have visit by a friend, with a little effort, you can decorate a nice refreshments, sweets and drink, and enjoy in maximum together.

How desserts, so and main meals should be decorated beautifully. It will look to the eye nicer and tastier to the mouth. Main meals you can decorate with a variety of herbs, tomatoes, flowers, mushroom, cucumber-shaped accordion, rose from radish, onion blooming …

For decorating desserts are used a little different methods and decorations – naturally sweet. To decorate cakes and cookies, you can use lace chocolate, chocolate chip and chocolate flakes … Everything is of course possible to make in your own house. If you like cooking and you do it well, you can decorate the cake using fondant of many different colors and whipped cream in color. And than go sweet figures that you made, flowers, hearts, for the youngest – heroes from various cartoons. Just use a little imagination. On the Internet you have many ideas for children’s cakes and decorating cakes, and on YouTube you have a lot of tutorials on this topic.

Culinary art is the art of preparing food, fresh food or food that will be thermally processed, with the addition of various spices. Look at some of the ideas for decorating sweets which follow in the gallery below, I’m sure you’ll find an idea that you will like.

Tomatoes, eggs, cheese and bacon are the main ingredients of this tasty and quick breakfast in which you will enjoy.


Muffins in recent years became an indispensable delicacy on many parties. There are a lot of recipes for preparing delicious muffins and good about it is that they do not require a lot of time. Also you can decorate them very nicely according to the occasion.


With such a creatively decorated muffins your time with friend or relatives will be even more beautiful and better.


Here’s an idea to prepare a quick breakfast or dinner. If you prepare for breakfast this meal you are going to have enough energy and enough power to perform all the necessary tasks until lunch.

Eggs and bacon baked in bread

Cut the avocados in half, remove the spoon bone in the middle, place one egg and slice of cheese, and bake it in the oven at 180 degrees.

Eggs baked in avocado

French toast sausage will be a great meal. Separately cook proper topping and enjoy with all your senses!

French Toast Sausage Roll Ups

Everyone loves donuts, empty just rolled in powdered sugar, or filled with cream or jam … If you expect guests make sure to decorate donuts well, so that delight your guests and with look and with taste.

G A L A X Y doughnuts

Health enters on mouth and therefore take care what you are entering into your body. In fact, fruits and vegetables should be part of your every day.

Healthy vegan breakfast ideas toast toppings

Chocolate moments during the day are inevitable for most people. Your favorite cookies you can pour with a black chocolate, sprinkle with white chocolate and decorate it with shards of hazelnut or almond.

Heart’s chocolate roll

Make rolls with sausages, cheese or some ingredient that you like the most and arrange them as it is illustrated. The dough for the rolls you can knead with the help of, naturally, flour, yeast, eggs and water, with the mandatory addition of warm milk, and oil (that will make the dough smooth and soft). Salt and sugar also put somewhere in the proportion of 2: 1. Leave it to advene, knead it once more, and let it again. After half hour or 1 h it is ready for rolling sausages or cheese.

Heart’s Wiener pie

Biscuits filled with chocolate, can be nicely decorated with a foamy whipped cream.

Hot chocolate cookies

Here’s a delicious idea for a nice cold savory appetizer.


Waffle topped with fruit syrup and in combination with berries (raspberry, blackberry, blueberry) is a healthy treat.

Mini Belgian Whole Wheat Waffles

One of the main representatives of Mexican food are tortillas. Tortillas can be charged except in the manner shown on the photo, with all the ingredients that you most like.


Cake decorated with chocolate and fruit… Different flavors are combined to provide a tasty delight.

Mini chocolate mousse tarts topped

In the hot summer days, cold fruit dessert is real refreshment.

PB&J smoothie

Puff pastry with fruit filling can be eaten for breakfast and for dinner. A glass of freshly squeezed juice or a glass of milk will be good with it.

Puff Pastry Tarts With Pear, Apple, Mustard & Stilton

Food colors are created that your cakes look like magic, and your kids enjoy their colors. They are edible, what is very important, and are manufactured according to strict quality standards.

Rainbow bagels are made by baby unicorns

Blueberries are good if you are anemic. It contains anthocyanins and is rich source of antioxidants. In addition to the berries, and leaves of these plants are healing because they are a source of potassium, sodium, manganese, chromium, iron, copper …

Raw Blueberry & Cream Tarts

During the week, almost every day we forget to eat at least one fruit, an apple per day will be enough for our body. However, very often we forget that one apple. The fruit is a source of vitamins and it is necessary to consume it, because our body will be healthy and immunity strong .

Rice paper rolls

Donuts filled with vanilla are many people’s favorite dessert. Over them it will be enough to sprinkle powdered sugar, and tea party or coffee with a friend can begin.

Semla Roll (cream Filled Roll)

Traditional Mexican tacos are favorite to people around the world . This dish is consisted of tortillas made from wheat or corn flour into which goes various sauces of meat. Today there are ready-made sauces in which you just add meat and it is ready very quickly, but much tastier and healthier for you is to find the recipe (on the Internet there are a lot). The main ingredients of each sauce are usually minced meat, onion, mixtures of spices, chili peppers, tomato sauce, beans, cheese. A spices used in this dish are chili, cumin, oregano, paprika, salt, red and white onion powder.

Spice rubbed grilled flank steak tacos with chimichurri sauce, green cabbage, avocado and pomegranate seeds

If you like donuts and from a fruit adore strawberries we have great news… These two delicacies are merged into one and we got donuts filled with strawberry pudding and slices of strawberries.

Strawberry donuts

Tasty snacks for gourmets. The summer is coming so that these fruit flavors can not be forgotten.


This mochi is filed with milk cream made of cream cheese, strawberry jam and powdered skim milk. In the middle is placed strawberries as decoration.

Strawberry Milk Daifuku

Pieces of fish are around the donuts, and except fish there are as side dish sesame seeds, radish, cucumbers.

Sushi donuts are o-fish-ally debuting

Old el paso is known for quick sauce for the tacos in which you just need to add meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese. Put sauce on the tortilla, wrap it, and bake in the oven.


This delicious dessert is good for the New Year and Christmas holidays because the color reminds on them. However, it is made of several different creams and several different gradient, to you just need to choose which you like most.

The loop churros

For muffins you just need a little imagination and it will be decorated on the most beautiful possible ways.

Totoro Cupcakes

For crust we need coconut flour and potato starch, coconut oil, vanilla extract, soft silken tofu. Charging with lemon flavor requires the following ingredients: soft silken tofu, lemon peel, sweeteners, extracts of lemon, flakes and vanilla. Several recipes for this tasty dessert exist on internet, but these are the basic ingredients.

Vegan lemon tarts

This loaf looks very tasty, can serve nicely as a cold appetizer. For the filling you will need ingredients like cream cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, garlic and onion powder, pepper and salt. Also you can use ready-made tortillas that you will buy in the store or make it yourself.


Nice puff pastry with sausage will be an excellent source of energy for starting the day, but also a good snack if you need to stay longer at work.

Bacon, Fennel And Sausage Black Sesame Seed Rolls

Avocado is one of the fruits the has highest nutritional value. This fruit comes from Central and South America. 100 gr of fresh avocado contains 160 calories and 2% protein, 14.6% fat, 8.5% carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar.

Basic avocado toast

Fruit cupcakes are a rich source of fiber and are much better choice than a piece of chocolate. It will be a good choice for summer days.

Blueberry cupcakes

Instead to just cook the eggs and cut them for an appetizer you can give a little extra effort and make such beautiful snacks from yolk whipped with mayonnaise and interesting chopped egg whites. Natural filling from egg yolks and mayonnaise should always be well-cooled in order to avoid the development of bacteria.

Chick boiled eggs

For lovers of chocolate with menthol here’s an idea for decoration. Dark chocolate and mint are good choices and your guests will certainly be pleased.

Chocolate mint slice

To culinary we should also devote ourselves whole like in every art. The food will be delicious and successful only if you prepare it with the heart, otherwise something will need that will not be able to explain. Love is the most important spice in life, do not forget it.

Chocolate Mousse, Mint, Chantilly and Coconut Sorbet

Even those who are not fans of a combination of chocolate and fruit will enjoy the taste of candy. From flour, yogurt, sugar, cocoa, oil and grated chocolate bake the crust for the first tart. Then preparer fill from raspberries and sugar. Then add the cornstarch. Fill pour over hot crust. Over fill follows glaze of dark chocolate, milk and butter. On top put raspberries to decorate cake serve when it is cold well!

chocolate truffle tart with raspberries

These cookies with coconut flavor will be real refreshment. Often we can meet them in homes. Choose a recipe that suits you best, save them with a little effort and enjoy in sweat snacks!


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