From its early 20th century inception, the disco ball has been a party mainstay, a herald of night revelry and unmatched glamour.

We may be past the days of the disco ball’s initial glory, but for some the party is just getting started.

Casting its prismatic light over nightclubs and dance halls around the world, the disco ball is the modern man’s chandelier. Decadent and just the right amount of extra, the disco ball is for the unapologetic lover of pomp and splendor.

Similarly, the disco ball tattoo sends a message to the world that you’re always down to party, and will likely be the life of it within the hour. Here is no wallflower, but a man who busts a move without permission and beckons all in his company to join him. The disco ball wearer isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself in the name of fun–fortunately, that’s rarely the case–and look impeccable while doing it.

The disco is more than just a relic from another time, but a reminder to savor life in the moment, and at its best. Just as the disco ball illuminates every corner and casts each dancer in otherworldly ambience, the disco ball tattoo beckons the world to join you while you glide through life and dance floor alike.

You didn’t come here just to work and pay your dues, you came to party like it’s the last night on earth, every night.


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