Men have it easy when it comes to fashion or at least that is what most women like to believe and they are not entirely wrong. Men do have it easier in the sense that firstly, they are not judged so much on appearances, the choices are not so varied and the upkeep of their look much easier. These factors work in the favor of men, but it is also true that men do not have much exclusivity when it comes to attire choices as most of the outfits that men can wear are also worn by women though they started as men’s fashions in essence. But the one place that men seem to have it easier is their hairstyle; but wait a minute, do they really? Just think about it, men do have a lot of hair to deal with in terms of facial hair and the need to keep it tame and tidy. And any small slip-up, they make it terms of their choice in hairstyle can make them look wild and uncouth. Which is why this article is going to about decent hairstyles for men in the coming year. It could range anywhere from sexy summer haircuts for men to comfortable and stylish medium hairstyles for men.

Decent Hairstyles For Men To Try In 2017

After all, even though men have it relatively easy in terms of fashion choices, even they have to be smart in ensuring that they pick out a hairstyle that works for their facial features. And aging and upkeep also have a role to play when it comes to hairstyles for men in order to look decent. While we are not saying it is rocket science but it is also a blind choice when it comes to picking out dashing hair look for men to try this year. This is because it is very easy for anybody to be swayed by what looks good on others or what somebody suggests or sheer laziness in thinking all the factors through before making a decision.

The fact is that it is easy enough for men to make a wrong decision in terms of a hairstyle and end up looking like a ruffian or worse a wannabe rogue. Then what constitutes a decent hairstyle for a man? We cannot say that we know it all but we can definitely give you a few pointers. The first thing that men have to realize when it comes to picking out a haircut for themselves is that an extremely short haircut or one that is long and shaggy are not the only two choices available to them. If anything, going for one of these without thinking too much can make you look disastrous.

The first, which is the crew cut can make a fleshy face look flashier than ever and more severe than you want it to look. To temper this look, it is better to ensure that you have the hair cut slightly longer than crew cut, but also ensure that you do not err too much on the other side. And the second choice of longish hair is something that not only requires a lot of care and grooming, but also does not work on faces that do not have the right and prominent cheekbones to make it work.

The balance would be to go for a smart cut but one that does not need a lot of upkeep if you do not have the time or inclination for it. Talk to your hairdresser on the choices you have and if possible check out how these styles look on other men with similar looks before going for it yourself. A simple, clean cut hairstyle with hair a bit long on the top and cut short on the sides is a good look for most men that will help them present a decent front that too without much effort.

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