In 1510, the first Christmas tree was used during festive celebrations in Latvia. Since then, it has become a popular tradition for families all over the world. In the USA, 20.8 million people purchased Christmas trees, followed by Germany with 19 million households participating in this tradition.

If you are thinking about decorating your home with a Christmas tree this holiday season, then finding the right one is essential. Regardless of if you choose fresh or artificial Xmas trees, there are certain things you need to consider first. These considerations are found here.


  1. Decide Where You Want to Put Your Tree

 Avoid putting your tree near a heat source, such as fireplaces, heating vents, radiators or sunny windows. Also, try not to put the tree in high traffic areas where it may be overturned or bumped, or where someone may trip on the light cords.

The key here is to not put the tree in a location that may be dangerous, such as next to a fireplace or a wobbly table. Once you have selected a location, measure carefully. You need to know the ceiling height, as well as the width of the space. These measurements will help you choose a tree that fits well in the space available.


  1. Select the Type of Tree You Want


An evergreen tree has shorter needles. These include the Noble Fir and Fraser. In most cases, these will be easier to decorate than others, as there is plenty of space between the branches for your decorations. There are even stronger stems to hold your heavier ornaments.

Keep in mind, this is true for both fresh and artificial trees. After all, the artificial trees are designed to mimic the look of the real ones. You can learn more about the different types of Christmas trees to find out which one is right for your particular needs.

  1. Pre-Lit or Bare?


Once you know where you want to put your tree, and the type of tree you want to purchase, it’s time to decide if you want to purchase a pre-lit tree or one that is natural. If you are going with a live tree, this won’t be a consideration. However, for artificial trees, it’s something to think about.

With a pre-lit tree, you have one that is ready to be put up and turn on. You don’t have the added expenses of buying lights to go on it. However, because these lights are a part of the tree, when they go out, there aren’t many options to when they go out. With a natural tree, you can purchase the lights and then easily replace them when they stop working. Be sure to consider this carefully when choosing a tree.

  1. Consider a Theme


Once you have the light situation decided, it’s time to consider what decorations to use. Do you want a themed tree? For example, do you have a favorite sports theme you would like to highlight in your Christmas tree decorations? Or, do you prefer more eclectic decorations? In most cases, this will be a question of your personal preferences. Be sure to think about what you want carefully to choose the decorations that are right for you.

As you can see, there are more than a few things to consider when it comes to selecting a Christmas tree. Be sure you think about what you want and the look you are trying to achieve. Being informed and knowing how to choose the right tree will pay off and help you get the holiday décor style that you are dreaming of.

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