4 Perfect Spring Weekend Outfits to Wear When the Weather Makes No Sense

Us Brits famously love to talk about the weather, but how can you not when it seems to get worse by the hour? If you’re struggling to get dressed this week and want a break from your winter wardrobe, thankfully we’ve spied plenty of brunch-ready spring outfits on our favourite fashion influencers that will work in the cold too.

Chances are that you can re-create some of these for yourself using pieces you already own. However, you can also shop the entire looks we’ve provided. We have a feeling you’re going to love the pastel slip skirt and jumper pairing below as well as a blue floral Rixo midi dress that doesn’t have to be saved for weddings.

Keep scrolling to see our seven favourite off-duty spring outfits.

Style Notes: Jessie Bush layers her cosy mohair Mulberry purple knit over a summery floral Ghost dress. Swap the mules for boots if you can’t brave cold ankles. 
Style Notes: White and cream aren’t the colours you’d typically wear in winter, but they do brighten up winter jeans, scarves, boots and jumpers. 
Style Notes: Adding a very spring colour instantly lifts your outfit, such as how Enis wears yellow cords with her tan jumper and boots. 
Style Notes: Maria Bernad’s jumper might be as snuggly as it gets, but opting for a pastel colour makes it feel very much like a spring look.