Did you know that the nose is the favorite place for women to get a piercing?

A nose piercing is very common thing in countries like India, since it is part of their culture and religion, they used to pierce their nose before the wedding, as a symbol of fertility.

These ring-shaped piercings are called “naths” which usually represent small pieces of flowers with a thin chain around it. While this trend began in ancient India, now it can be seen scattered throughout the western world.

Depending on the place of your nose where you choose to put it, as well as the type of piece you use, a nose piercing can give you different and varied styles.

Nostril Piercing

This is the classic style of nose piercing that we all know, conciste in a simple point or ring piercing, in either of the two nostrils.

It is extremely elegent and chic so it is not surprising that it is the favorite among women (of all ages).

Due to its location, it is usually the piercing that causes fewer problems, both in its cleaning, as in domestic accidents (auch).

The Point Nostril Piercing, is feminine, simple and delicate, the Ring Nostril Piercing usually gives a more sexy and provocative look and its shape allows to wear more styles and colors.

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Hoop Piercing

This is another style, which comes from ancient India, and equally symbolized fertility and femininity.

This style of ring, is exaggerated and striking, and can be uncomfortable. It is not in the Top 5 of the girls, however it is usual to see celebrities use it combined with hippies and Asian styles in music festivals.


Bridge Piercing

As the name implies, this piercing is located on the bridge of the nose, between your eyebrows, your piercing can be delicate, and it is mandatory that you do it with a professional, to avoid lacerations and infections.

Placed horizontally at the beginning of your nose, it creates a bold and bold look for who uses it. Of all nose piercings, this is usually the favorite for men (supposedly).



Septum Piercing

Finally we have the most popular nose piercing of recent years, thanks to celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Rihanna, Bella Storme and Willow Smith.

Each time are more girls who dare to try it, in ancient India, this type of piercing in the nose, not only represented fertility, like the previous ones, this type of piercing was used as protection, against bad spirits that could enter by the nose (interesting, right?)

Its name derives from the place where it is drilled to place it, the septum, the hole in the cartilage that divides the nostril in two.

Of all this is the piercieng that hurts more when performed, due to the amount of nervous terminations that are enuentran in its path and is the one that takes longer to heal (between 6 and 8 weeks).

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