Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of pictures, videos, and articles on interior designing – and that’s a good thing really. You can check out awesome apartment design ideas on Elevate Living or take a look at some of the finest work done by professionals on Pinterest, but what about the mistakes? How do you know that you are not trying something that your home just can’t pull off? Well, for that, we have the list of four common mistakes listed below just so you can avoid them.

Disproportionate Furniture

Sometimes, using furniture, art, or other design elements that are disproportionate to the room works because they are done deliberately. In general, however, it’s a bad idea. Always take measurements of the space that you plan to fit furniture in to make sure that whatever you buy isn’t too big or too small. Aside from aesthetics, a disproportionately big piece of furniture may also block the flow of your room.

Lackluster Colors

It’s hard to make a wall seem appealing without using bright and vibrant paint colors. Do not be afraid to use bright colors, be it for your drapes, walls, or even the sofa. That being said, it is important to make sure that the colors suit the theme of the room. For example, a bright red wall may look great in the dining room, but it’s probably not the best choice of color when it comes to painting the bedroom wall. Instead, go with soft green to keep things vibrant and soothing at the same time.

Hanging Art Too High

A home that doesn’t have at least a few pieces of art decorating it doesn’t feel like a well-designed home at all, but if you are hanging your wall art high on the walls, it’s defeats the purpose. Nobody should have to crane their necks up to look at the piece and if it’s above the eye line, it does very little to add aesthetics and character to your interiors. The rule of thumb states that art should be hung at a height of roughly 60-inches from the floor, but you can take liberties, depending on the size of the print.

One Dimensional Design

If your drawing room looks the same as your bedroom, it’s a design flaw. One dimensional interior decoration is boring and makes no sense. Everything, from the lights illuminating the space and the paint on the walls to the furniture and art in a specific room, should be themed after the purpose of the room itself. Drawing rooms are supposed to inspire a bit of excitement, while the master bedroom needs to be relaxing and romantic. A house with a monotonous design lacks personality.

At times, experimentations may lead to mistakes, but that’s okay because trying to be too safe with your interiors is just plain boring. Nevertheless, it’s better to take one step at a time as that gives you the opportunity to change up a few things along the way.

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