4 DIYs For Your Phone – Easy DIY Projects For Smartphones

In this video I show how to make absolutely awesome DIY phone case, phone pocket for charger and stuff (c) out of sock, DIY headphones jack plug charm and DIY Selfie Light!

I start with the idea I’m really proud of – DIY Pocket For Phone Case Made Out Of Sock. Put a charger into it, or any things you’d like to store there (like phones, cards, money etc.). Just a tip – use a thin fabric sock (bamboo fabric works great) and hard phone case.

Next I show how to make a DIY Selfie Light (Flashlight). All you need is a clothespin (better wooden, to avoid scratches on the screen) and cheap push light with batteries. Super simple and super useful! Yay!

The third phone DIY project – dust-preventing headphones jack charm! I chose to make a tassel, cause it’s cute… Isn’t it? For headphones jack – I took a paper clip and fatten it with hot glue. Make sure the glue is cold before plugging it to phone!!!

And the final project is a super adorable DIY phone Case – Koala. Actually you can make any animal – the main idea was to attach pompoms to phone case… And to “hide” front camera “in nose”. And who has a big nose? Koala has! LOL But if you have a side camera (not in the center of your phone) – just make any pet you like.

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