It’s that time, time for some Halloween crafts!

I absolutely love doing seasonal crafts. Today I’m working with paper to make a fun 3D spider garland (I was originally going to do all black, but what is the fun in that!) So I chose some blue and purple and green, but threw in a little orange too because it is Halloween after all.

To make it too, keep on reading to get yourself the free template!
Card stock (in the colours you like!)Silhouette CAMEOSilhouette cutting matDouble-sided tape1/8″ hole punchString or twine

For each spider, you will need minimum one letter-size card stock (you can fit all the cuts on one sheet). Download this free SVG file (or use scissors to cut it out of ) and lay the paper on the cutting mat. Insert it into the CAMEO and cut according to the proper blade settings. Do this for all the spiders in your garland, switching up the colour of the paper should you choose. Then f

old all the circles in half. Add double-sided tape to the left side of the spider, and apply the first folded circle.

Keep pasting the shapes this way. On the last one, also attach it to the legs.

Finally, make two small holes at the top of each spider. Feed thru the string, and your spider garland is complete!

Total project time: about 1 hour for a 9-piece garland.


Agoda WW

Sunsky-online WW