3D Lettering for Beginners in Procreate

In this video, we’re focusing on embellishing lettering with some simple, but striking 3D effects! We’ll begin by centering stacked lettering, adding an inline, then we’ll add in that 3D goodness with an extrusion, extrusion details, an extrusion long shadow and we’ll finish it off with a hairline highlight.

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✅ Color Palette (free): https://every-tuesday.com/small-steps-color



✨ This artwork was created on a 5th gen iPad Pro (12.9”, 256GB) with a 2nd gen Apple Pencil using the Procreate app (v.5.1.8)
✨ I use the Paperlike screen protector on my iPad Pro, more info here: https://every-tuesday.com/paperlike
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✨I recommend any iPad listed here for working in Procreate: https://every-tuesday.com/ipads as they all allow for pressure sensitivity. I only recommend an Apple Pencil because of its reliability compared to other 3rd party styluses



00:00 Intro + Supplies
00:37 Setting up the canvas
01:30 Create the lettering
03:11 Add the inline
03:30 Create the extrusion
05:20 Add extrusion details
07:35 Create the extrusion shadow
09:30 Add the hairline highlight
10:40 3D Lettering in Procreate course
10:50 That’s a wrap!



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