To decorate your home for a major holiday is a really joyful task in which we can subtly engage the entire family into one immense activity; nothing and no one can create a more beautiful craft for your home than you and your family and with that beautiful thought in mind it is time to prepare the crafts that will emphasize your decor this Easter. A selection of easy do it yourself Easter crafts to brighten your home has been selected and includes simple ideas that range from paper and felt garlands to phenomenal sweets DIY Easter gifts that everyone would like to receive.

Create the right atmosphere, gather smiles and laughter in your household and you will have the most beautiful celebration that one could have, the love and warmth of our family is simply priceless and with simple materials like paper, burlap, plastic eggs and color in all its forms you are diy project away from getting close to this picture.

Cast a glance at the gallery bellow and surge inspiration.

adorn sweets in a custom easter basket

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (1)

Despite the intricate look of the craft, the process is pretty simple and at base it uses a balloon to form the sculptural end result.


Easter folding your napkins into bunnies can change everything

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (2)

Simple to realize and very rewardful, a do it yourself project that will really impress your loved ones.

bunny shaped cookies for your festive dinner

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (3)

It takes just take a moment to add a little twist to the cookies you`ve had planned already and with more color or an Easter-related shape you can really win the heart of the little ones and grown-ups alike.

use BALLOONS and string to craft decorative easter eggs

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (4)

Use balloons and colored string to create an insanely beautiful Easter garland for your living room mirror or fireplace mantel. Make this a family craft and shape memories.

Craft easter decorations with colorful buttons

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (5)

Get colorful buttons on the craft table and plant them over an Easter silhouette, a bunny can work beautifully and the support can be a strong cardboard or some kind of wire mesh.


Get Creative with your easter dinner platting

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (6)

Use simple elements to shape nest-like sweets.

realize beautiful easter cards with your little ones

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (7)

Recycle old magazines with your little ones and share the do it yourself sustainability position through a playful, constructive act.

craft beautiful diy easter gifts for your loved ones

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (8)


get creative with color

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (9)


use buttons on an egg shaped from recycled paper to craft a splendid decoration

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (10)

Simple and beautiful decoration that can be used as a prize in the Egg hunt.


adorn multiple elements in one composition for a fresh festive look

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (11)

The beautiful equilibrium of this photo is emphasized by naturalness greatly. An extraordinary showcase of homemade decor that cannot be replicated with by a retail store. Unique, authentic and insanely beautiful.

create a colorful garland for your decor

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (12)

Use the colorful gradient of paint chips to obtain a colorful composition.

realize the most beautiful DIY easter gift

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (13)

Probably one of the most beautiful and most sensible diy Easter gift idea that one could receive from his loved one. Craft with care and gift with love.

create a felt carrot garland for your mantel

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (14)

Simple to realize and interesting to realize with your family. A positive way to spend quality time with your loved ones.


sweets are an easy legendary diy easter gift

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (15)

A diy gift that can be realized within minutes and be scaled with ease; if needed it can be customized for each person with its favorite colors or even contents.

create beautiful ceramic decorations painted in vivid colors

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (16)

The natural look of handmade item offers something that no mass produced one can. Here the texture obtained paired with the beautiful pastel colors simply has the ability to improve any decor. These can also be used as diy gifts.


welcome guests with a colorful washi tape easter wreath

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (17)

Splendid joyful way to welcome your guests.


use natural elements to obtain natural design motifs on your boiled eggs

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (18)

A craft pursued by many annually thanks to its unique end result. Nature should also be pulled into our settings.

SPLENDID patio decoration resembling carrots and featuring greenery

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (19)


Craft joyful and COLORFUL candle chandeliers

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (20)


realize small colorful egg votive candles

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (21)


stencil your BURLAP bunny table runner

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (22)

An elegant vintage look that can transform you setting this burlap table runner is; pair it with mason jars, candles and flowers and the dinner table setting will look astonishing.


insert GLOW-STICKS into plastic eggs and organize an egg hunt with rewards in the dark

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (23)


create a carrot cake

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (24)

Use ice-cream cones to shape a sweet carrot plantation on your desert menu.


Learn how to make minion eggs

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (25)

Minions will always gain smile and laughter, summon them through a simple craft.


gift with love a beautiful refreshing package of flowers and sweets

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (26)


fill colorful eggs with glitter and sweets

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (27)


craft sweets and flowers COMBINATIONS as decor pieces of diy easter gifts

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (28)

Colorful contrast in an edible easy diy Easter decoration can be gifted.


simple PAPER CARROTS can  hold m&m portions elegantly for children

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (29)


use natural food coloring METHODS to color up your dishes

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (30)


craft the perfect diy easter gifts with love and sweets

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (31)


every plating can have a design motif this holiday

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (33)


realize bunny shaped cookies

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (34)


egg cartons or clay can help you shape a splendid easter wreath


frame simple elements with easter motifs to emphasize your decor

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (35)

The simplest item can make the biggest change.


easy crafts boosting color can change the entire setting

38-easy-diy-easter-crafts-to-brighten-your-home-homesthetics (36)


stick m&m to twigs and branches for a splendid easter centerpiece

DIY Easter crafts twigs and mandm`s craft

One of the most  beautiful crafts in this gallery and one of the simplest is able to award you for your efforts with a great deal of beauty, equilibrium, color and naturalness at the same time. The natural sculptural look of the branches in a white vase has that subtle contrast that is further enhanced by small drops of color on the branches, perfectly balancing the scene. You can also use only one color of M&M`s that will match or contrast you dinner setting color.


What do you think ladies and gentlemen? What craft will your pursue for this beautiful celebration? We would to hear from you in the comment section below.


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