38 Concrete Kitchen Countertops With Pros And Cons

Kitchen countertops may give your space a different look as beside being functional, they have decorative value, too. What material to choose for them? Wood, stone, quartz, metal? Skip that all, we have a much trendier and cooler idea – concrete countertops! They give a cool modern feel to any kitchen and work great for such a functional space. Let me share more advantages of these countertops and even some disadvantages, too, to make it precise.
Pros Of Concrete Countertops
Concrete countertops can fit almost any kitchen, from obvious minimalist and industrial ones to farmhouse and modern kitchens because they can be shaped and formed to exactly match your kitchen dimensions and finished precisely to your liking. With other countertop materials, you are often limited to whatever colors and styles are available, but concrete offers you a wider range of options. Besides, concrete can be customized by the addition of small items pressed into the top surface. Glass fragments, stones, shells, and even fiber-optic lights can be embedded.
While concrete is not scratch-proof, it does resist scratches remarkably well, especially when compared to softer counter materials such as solid surface or laminate.

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