37 Stylish Oversized Mirrors To Boost Your Space

Besides giving you a full-length look of your outfit and your gorgeous face, an oversized mirror is the ultimate statement piece for any room. You can lean an oversized floor mirror in a corner in the bedroom for an instant dressing area or you can hang one in the hallway to make it look longer and more spacious. An oversized floor mirror can also open up a small space when it’s tucked away behind plants or a sofa. Mirrors can fade into the background or make a statement, depending on where you mount or lean them, and their look can bring much decorative value depending on unique materials, shapes, and finishes. Let’s take a look at some ideas!
Living Rooms
A living room can feature a lovely oversized mirror placed anywhere – in a small nook to make it bigger, in the center or corner or covering the whole wall. Choose a proper frame and shape to match the style and color scheme as your mirror will have decorative value or just go for refined vintage to add such a touch to the space.

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