Everyday we stumble across simple items with simple uses, items that serve a functional purpose for the individual, nothing else. It is in these simple items the module seen by a DIY enthusiast that will soon be scaled towards the extraordinary, surfacing creative and insanely beautiful do it yourself projects. The following ideas highlight this from a DIY enthusiasts`s point of view, thus showcasing creative clothespin crafts for your home, crafts that if created in the family, with the little ones, can bring immense joy. Cast a glance, surge inspiration for your next weekend activity !

1. create merry clothespins for your notes


A really cheerful way to welcome tasks in the morning.

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2. embrace christmas with the right pins


The right pins are different, sensible, splendid, crafted with love.

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3. have fun with clothespin birds


These clothespins are inspired by angry birds from the realm of infinite imagination, notice the popcorn on the twig, highlighting the creative realm.

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4. forge luxurious ACCESSORIES for greeting cards


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5. embrace winter with a snowflake


One snowflake, like nothing else.

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6. craft a clothespin mouse


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7. showcase faith differently


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8. craft your own minion army


Blue, yellow and big eyes, the new supreme joy !

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9. enjoy a different piece of jewelry


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10. craft colorful DRAGONFLIES 


The simple dragonflies can be spread in a colorful garden or in the joyful interior.

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11. use buttons and clothespins in RACE-CARS


A race car with buttons and a clothespin, supreme joy !

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12. Emphasize a simple planter


A tin can and clothespins, all you need.

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13. customize clothespins for your wedding


A memorable clothespin on the wedding table can summon joy, smiles and laughter, embrace it beautifully.

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14. spread joy with super fast reindeer clothespins


A reindeer family of clothespins is able to populate your Christmas tree beautifully !

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15. forge supreme joy with colorful planes


Simple Popsicle sticks and clothespins can tailor extraordinary diy planes, give flying a go.

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16. craft petite canvases 


Petite things are definitely cuter and this little canvases do this unwritten rule great justice.

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17. redefine the traditional christmas Wreath


Washi tape can make wonders on clothespins, embrace it !

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18. craft a Primitive Christmas Icicle Snowman


A snowman that definitely suffered some rough weather, the perfect decoration for your Christmas tree !

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19. build practical clothespin trivets


A colorful trivet, whenever you need it ! Get crafting !

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20. use visual aid in a good story


A good visual aid can be extraordinary, shaping a beautiful memory timeless, never to be forgotten !

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22. get creative with acrylics and balsa wood 


Crafts for children inspired by the Pac-Man game can be extraordinary beautiful.

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23. prepare ingenious halloween decorations


The Halloween clothespin team can be easily shaped yet creativity has its place in every craft.

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24. build adorable CHRISTMAS tree decors


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25. memories in a timeless display


Yarn and clothespins can be a simple, extraordinary display.

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26. craft super epic coat hooks


Something extraordinary ingenious and beautifully creative.

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27. enhance your decor with a circular display


In black and white, in an array of colors, experiences will shine, showcase them !

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28. RE-PURPOSE a wheel and enhance it with memories


Share a wheel with memories.

Source Unknown

29. craft clothespin bunnies


An Easter clothespin bunny might not be something of a grand scale yet name-tags it can wear beautifully .

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30. Fly around with clothespin butterflies 


A 20 second craft that can bring immense joy, realize these at your next kids party !

via craftymorning.com

31. rudolph reindeer christmas clothes


Three clothespins in an adorable decoration. Enjoy every holiday moment, share smiles, share joy.

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32. Make school snacks fun 


Launch time can bring joy for numerous reasons and a beautiful butterfly can be one of them.

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33. create simple beautiful wall art


A heart-sy craft that can be realized in minutes, at base a wire coat hanger has been used.

via cleanandscentsible.blogspot.com

34. craft unique desk ACCESSORIES 


Every homework can be hard yet when you have the right items around you things do change. Particularize the little one`s decor with crafts realized together.

via scrappyscrappy.blogspot.com

35. create a really unique lighting fixtures


Chicken wire carefully tied in a cylinder could receive numerous clothespins only to give birth to a really special lamp. The light-play is amazing and the craft extraordinary inexpensive.

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36. use clothespins in your table setup


Paint the clothespin in the color of choice or use washi tape to redefine it for your special event !

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37. use petite figurines in child play


A simple element constituting a pair can be a simple educative lesson along a beautiful artsy-craftys do it yourself project.

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The super little element is able to surface great possibilities for your decor and even more for the child`s playground. What do you think about the creative clothespin crafts showcased above ? We would love to hear from you !


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