35 Whimsy Neon Lights And Signs For Your Home

Whatever the style and look of your home is, if you wanna add a fun, cheerful and modern feel to your space, a neon sign is a nice choice. There are lots of neon lights and signs to choose from and you can order your own one to give that very fresh vibe to the room.
A neon light or sign can have many shapes and looks: there are quotes, words, various images and you can have various colors, too: blue, green, yellow, red and pink (this is the most popular idea). If you want to give a bit of spice to your space, add a sign with some image or word you like, these can be neon lips, an eye, a flamingo, a drink and much other stuff. If you want to show some of your thoughts, to display what you think or to create a mood, a quote or a fun phrase is your option. Neon lights and signs can be attached to the wall or placed on some furniture or mantel, it depends on what you like more.

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