35 Trendy Rust And Terracotta Home Decor Ideas

Rust or terracotta is one of the most popular colors currently, and that’s not surprising: it’s warm, so it makes the space cozier, it’s all about boho and the 70s that are super popular now and it can match many color schemes. It’s not only a fall color as you may think, you may use it in any season bringing coziness and warmth to the space. How to integrate this quirky color into your home decor with style?
Rust Accent Walls
A rust or terracotta accent wall is a perfect solution for a boho, modern, Scandinavian, farmhouse space and it can easily make a neutral room look bold yet warm and inviting. A rust accent wall can be also integrated into a black and white room, monochromatic rust, burgundy and deep red one, into a moody space in many different colors. Yes, such a change can be difficult to realize but it will have maximal impact in the space. Vary the shade depending on what you like and what effect you want.

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