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Whether large or small, walk-in or bi-fold, shared or personal, there’s something every closet can use.  Organization.  Our closets pull their fair share of weight around the house – hiding away our chaos and keeping our living areas tidy and clean; which is why it’s so easy to let them get out of control with clutter.  Not only is an organized closet a time and sanity saver, but it frees up space as well.  With a few tweaks and extra organization you can feel like you’ve doubled your closet space!  This list of clever closet hacks will make your closet feel larger and more organized in no time.

35 Clever Closet Hacks You’ll Love

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DIY Built In Closet Drawers Tutorial

These closet built-ins look high-end, but there’s a secret under there… plywood!  The inexpensive frame and box bases are softened with fabric on the inside and concealed with MDF for a sleek look.  Customize the measurements to fit in any closet space.  //  Custom built-in drawers  //  Imperfectly Polished

Grace Closet Doors 3

Instead of putting the shelves into the front of the door, why not build them onto the back of the door?  In this tutorial, you not only find plans for building the shelves (which are on wheels to help support the weight and ease the movement of the closet doors) but also learn how to turn bifold doors into regular swinging doors on hinges.  You can use these extra shelves for storing tons of clothing items, baskets of clothes, odds and ends, and accessories, then close the doors up to tuck all the clutter and bulkiness away.  //  Behind Door Shelves  //  Ana White

JUN 2007 014 T 01

Nearly every closet has a small recessed area hidden to the sides of the doorway.  Make use of this neglected space by sizing inexpensive wire shelves to custom fit.  You’ll add a lot of shelf storage in what was a completely unused corner.  //  Hidden Shelves  //  The Family Handyman


If you’re up for a bit more work, this DIY is genius.  A bookshelf built into a door makes use of the wasted space between the back of the door and the interior of the closet – but through the FRONT of the door!  While this tutorial doesn’t specifically show a clothes closet, the possibilities here are plentiful – you could place baskets of clothes on the shelves or display cute items like clutches and hats that are normally tucked away, and free up hanging space in a super polished, classy way.  //  Bookshelf Door //  Ginger and the Huth

Shelf After 682x1024

There are a lot of completely ignored nooks and crannies in your closet where you can squeeze in some valuable storage spots.  For example, this built-in shelf takes advantage of the wall space above the door in a bathroom (but could just as easily be built into a closet).  You could also use the same wall space above the door for open shelving or hooks.  //  Over Door Storage Shelf  //  The Two Seasons

DSC 3432

Ok, so this is a laundry closet.  But I loved the ingenious idea of attaching the wire shelves to the wall at an angle.  This way, any baskets you put on top will slant downward, allowing you to easily see and grab what you need.  This could be a lifesaver in a clothes closet where you may need to hang shelves quite high to make good use of vertical space.  //  Diagonal Shelf and Baskets  //  Hold On To Your Hats

DIY Floating Pull Out Crate Storage P01

These pull out crates are genius!  In the tutorial, they’re built into a coat closet, but this would be a great idea in a small room so that you don’t need a dresser at all!  Put all your folded clothing in the crates and attach them to the wall with drawer slides.  Easy in and out storage for a fraction of the cost of built-ins or a full dresser.  //  Pull-Out Crates  //  Fix This Build That

FH11FEB 515 50 040

Adding a lower rod in your closet is a snap with this clever idea.  If you don’t want the rod to extend the whole length of the closet (or if you need to leave room for extra long hanging items), you can add a shorter dowel under one section of the existing rod using lightweight chain, eye screws and s-hooks or carabiners.  It’s an easy way to double hanging space and can be done in just minutes.  //  Easy Add-On Clothing Rod  //  The Family Handyman

Chain Hack 4

A length of chain has multiple applications in closet organization!  In this case, chain is hung from an s hook over the existing clothing rod.  Using normal hangers, clothes are hung on every other link, so a total of 4 or more hangers only takes up as much room as one!  This hanger extender is so simple and cheap to DIY you don’t need any fancy gadgets, but it plays the same role as this one here if you’d rather purchase than make.  //  Hanger Extender  //  Brit and Co, image via Kurt Andre

No Slip Clothes Hanger Tric

If you’re tired of blouses and dresses falling off hangers, you can make your own no-slip hangers and you only need two items – one you already have!  Just take a normal hanger – wire or plastic – and wrap them with pipe cleaners!  //  DIY No-Slip Hangers  //  In My Own Style

Closet Hacks Use A Soda Tab To Double The Hangers

Don’t throw away your empty soda cans!  At least not the tabs on top.  Keep those tabs, slip them around a hanger hook, then slide another hanger through the bottom hole of the tab.  Two hangers hung for the space of one!  And at no cost to you, you just doubled your hanging space.  //  Pop Tab Double Hanger  //  Shabby Creek Cottage

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