Cuckoo clocks often bring to mind, well, the cuckoo. The mainstay in that crazy aunty or neighbour’s living room, childhood memories may evoke a touch of the odd or alternative. These cuckoo clocks present a whole different picture. Revamped to suit the modern interior, these cuckoos are more art deco, minimalistic, Japanese – rather than crazy cat lady – inspired. Large panes of white or plain wood house gorgeous hand-painted birds, popping out the side or front of a stylish, minimalist, and often hand-crafted piece. Take a look at the new age of cuckoo clocks with these thirty-three pieces for the unique, well-designed home.

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Haoshi X Cuckoo Clock: One cuckoo flew the nest in this white clock, perfect for an entrance. A simplistic mailbox design and quirky bird feature make it hard to ignore.

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Modern Muji Cuckoo Clock: Automatically silent in the dark, this white, minimalist design is a winner for a kitchen.

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Muji White Cuckoo Clock: Peeping out of a white house, this cuckoo crows on the hour in your minimalist living room.

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Modern Minimalist Cuckoo Clock: Housed in a simple light-wooden frame, this cuckoo chirps over a clock made minimal with painted numbers.

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Lemnos Men’s Pace Cuckoo Clock: A more masculine design, this cuckoo would suit the hippest of bachelor pads. Silver painted numbers meet silver steel hands, in a silver stencil home of the imagination.

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Minimalist Cuckoo Clock: A perfect partner for the Scandinavian interior, this white-and-wood creation blends the kitsch and the cuckoo in two simple shapes.

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Station Cuckoo Clock: A little more art deco, this clock adds colour in numbers. Its large-format digits and cuckoo at 12 suit an artistic kitchen area.

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Minimalist Turquoise Cuckoo Clock With Pendulum: Turn your bedroom turquoise with a cuckoo and pendulum in the same hue. A numberless exterior in a plain wooden frame suits most décor themes.

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Modern Birch Plywood Cuckoo Clock: Swing into the ‘70’s with this mid-wooden clock for your living room or kitchen. A waiting red cuckoo and hollow pendulum draw the eye.

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Light-Wood Walkabout Cuckoo Clock: A simple oblong gives way to a bird just waiting to circle the dial again. Hang this quirky find on your kid’s bedroom wall for a fun way to tell the time.

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Meridiana Cuckoo Clock: Make the time more dramatic with this ruby red cuckoo, housed within monochrome. Its simple house shape could work a treat at your front entrance.

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Portobello Clock: Even the slickest interiors can be cuckoo-inspired. This marble façade would sit best atop a mantelpiece.

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Minimalist Glossy Cuckoo Clock: Fancy a clock that looks like more like a camera? This simple black-and-white find makes the cuckoo minimalist.

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Ettore Cucù Clock: Dare to be square with this modern design with a house on top. Available in three different colour matches, its palette adds the chirp back in any bedroom.

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Colorful Cuckoo Clock: Drape a space in colour with this rainbow cuckoo clock, a fitting find for a white wall. The cuckoo sits above simple black hands, as a pendulum swings silently behind.

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Mondrian-Style Cuckoo Clock: Take a style cue from the grid master, with this clock named after Mondrian. A cuckoo crows in blue, while a black pendant adds subtle sway.

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Modern Geometric Cuckoo Clock: Have a penchant for the geometric? Add this colourful creation to your study or library.

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Modern Colorful and Playful Jellies Cuckoo Clock: Add several pops of colour to a clean white kitchen, with this fun clock. A cuckoo pops unexpectedly out of its centre.

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Modern Multi-Colored Cuckoo Clock: Love a colourful skyline? Add one to the kids’ bedroom, cuckoo included.

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Striped Cuckoo Clock: Go nautical with this blue-and-white striped cuckoo creation, a thematic match for the bathroom. Simple hands and a pendulum simplify the concept.

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Chinese Architecture-Inspired Minimalist Cuckoo Clock: Take your bedroom to China with this finely-tuned feature. Its domed roof mirrors a crescent pendulum for a quaint and quirky effect.

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Qoo ckoo Clock: Too cuckoo to say cuckoo? Say it differently, while this minimalist bird chirps from your library wall.

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Contemporary Cuckoo Clock Inspired by the Labor of Man: Fight those mammoth tasks at work, while a cuckoo chirps away the time. This abstract acrylic finds a home in your office.

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Monochrome Dual-Time Cuckoo Clock: Spend time with a friend overseas, with this clock showing two time zones. Simple white detailing and two cute cuckoos find friends in a monochrome living room.

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Modern Long Cuckoo Clock: Introduce elegance with this white, black and red-painted piece. Its sleek lines and subtle detailing would suit a shared corridor wall.

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Titti Cucù Clock: An unconventional shape hides the brightest of birds. Spread like the wings of its namesake, this cuckoo clock is a focal point of a simplistic kitchen.

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Diamond Shaped Modern Cuckoo Clock: Black, white and draped in chains, this diamond is anything but a chip off the block. A red cuckoo announces its time in a Florentine boudoir.

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Sheikh Cuckoo Clock: A clock and temple make for religious time. This white and gold-domed piece brings the Middle East to your mantelpiece.

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Fatti + in Là Cuckoo Clock: Be surprised by the ornate in this avant-garde clock, inspired by birds on a wire. Its golden ledge and minimalistic hands leave just enough room for a cuckoo to crow.

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Cucuruku Wall Clock: Make artful time with this clock blended into a forest. A library wall could hang its tree-branch hands and bird-laden tree.

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Cuckoo Clock With Lights, Sound & Motion: Want all the bells and whistles? This clock lights up the house, moves the bikes and rings the chimes once the clock turns twelve.

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Volume Adjustable Modern Cuckoo Clock: Personalise time with this clock, hand-crafted with adjustable volume, choice of wood finish, custom-engraved face and unique ID number. More than just a pretty face, its politeness extends to silence from 10pm–6am.

Buy It: $390  

Kids Cuckoo Clock: Give the kids something to crow about with this funky three-tiered design, resplendent in the tones of Christmas. Fascinate them with pendulum and bird in their bedroom.

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