33 Lovely Tile Flooring Ideas With Pros And Cons

Tile is a great flooring choice for any room as it’s clean and elegant, durable and easy to maintain, there are tons of options to choose from, and tiles aren’t only used in bathrooms, they can be used anywhere, from kitchens to living rooms. Tile flooring has many more advantages but as with every product, it also has some disadvantages. Let’s consider them all before making a choice!
Pros Of Tile Flooring
Tiles are very durable as they are moisture resistant and are able to handle high amounts of foot traffic. This prevents deterioration and decreases the likelihood of regular flooring maintenance. Tiles are also impervious to extreme temperatures and do not rot or corrode when exposed to chemical agents or extreme weather. Some tile floorings are glazed or coated with liquid glass to protect them from stains, making them easier to clean. Furthermore, they don’t possess chemically active properties, therefore inhibiting viruses, mold, fungi and other bacteria from developing.
Ceramic tiles don’t need to exploit environmental resources like trees or plants in its construction. You also won’t need to use any harsh chemicals for cleaning which may otherwise be harmful to the environment.
Tiles come in a wide range of sizes,…

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