Ice cream wooden sticks are very versatile. We love making things with popsicle sticks! They’re super inexpensive and lend themselves to endless possibilities! If you put your mind to it, you can come up with a lot of creative ideas for items you usually throw away in new and interesting ways. For example, did you know you can use Popsicle sticks to make decorations for your home. And not just that.  If you are a crafty person, these popsicle stick art ideas will never bored you. These easy popsicle stick sculptures pack a ton in one simple activity.

This popsicle stick art are perfect for toddlers. Bust summertime boredom with these fun popsicle stick crafts. There are lots of cool things you can make with these simple items. Before kids even have a chance to say “I’m bored” this summer, stock up on those popsicle sticks and present them with these 33 Awesome Things You Can Make With Popsicle Sticks. One of the most basic craft supplies, popsicle sticks, can inspire a so much creativity and learning! Here are over 30 learning, playing, and crafts for kids using wooden craft sticks! From coasters, bird feeder house, artwork… the fun won’t end…and if they do say they’re bored we have a craft for that, too! Have fun!

Popsicle Stick Art Sculptures – Materials:

– Large popsicle sticks (order from here)
– Markers (we love these)
– Glue gun (we like this low temp one for kids)

For bigger preschoolers, some elaborated barn houses craft will give them hours of crafting followed by tons of active play. Or even an adorable bird feeder is easy to make and your kids will love sitting outside watching the birds eat.

Cheap & Durable: You can either collect these sticks from the ice cream you buy or you can buy a bag from the store. Put a bunch together and make a cute little tray which you can use as a jewelry storage container or for all sorts of other things. First you make the base. Glue several sticks together for this part. Then start building the walls by gluing the edges of the sticks together as you see in the picture.

Let’s start! All you need is a bunch of craft sticks and some glue! Order from Amazon  and enjoy your coffee while your kids are busy with them! win-win! 🙂 Once all your sticks are glued on, you’re done! Now admire your pretty stick art sculpture and place it around the home for a unique, kid-designed piece of artwork. There are so many ways to craft and just generally have fun with them! Take a look at this collection of fabulous ideas and get started right away!

  1. Artwork

200 PCS Colorful Craft Sticks Popsicle Ice Pop Ice Cream Sticks Natural Wooden 4-1/2' Length Treat Sticks Jumbo Great for DIY Craft Creative Designs
200 PCS Colorful Craft Sticks Popsicle Ice Pop Ice Cream Sticks Natural Wooden 4-1/2″ Length Treat Sticks Jumbo Great for DIY Craft Creative Designs

  • Material: 200 pcs of multi color craft sticks.
  • Size: Each colored stick is nearly 4.49 inches long and 0.39 inch wide.
  • Vibrant Colors! Each pack includes purple, orange, green, blue, yellow and red colors. The quantity of each color is 7-9 pieces.
  • These wood craft colored sticks made from high quality natural raw wood be made into more straight and smooth, responsibly sourced materials.
  • Great for use in making frames, boxes, note holders & all kinds of home decorations. classroom projects, party crafts, and camp crafts Ideal for crafters, garden markers, library shelf markers and any scene you want to use!



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