Urban Outfitters Border Storage Platform Bed
OK, so a double bed might not exactly be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of how to navigate a small space, but hear us out: this platform bed comes with shelving on either side to store everything from books to sweaters. Plus, you can tuck unused items or extra storage bins under the raised-bed to save more space.

Buy it now: $1,169.00


CB2 Marble Utility Shelf
Hang your mugs up in style with this sleek wall hanging. It comes with six hooks and a built-in shelf to give you maximum storage potential.

Buy it now: $59.95

CB2 Helix Acacia Desk
This hanging desk is less clunky than a traditional desk, plus it includes extra shelves for storage. It’s ideal if you work from home a lot but don’t have the space for a home office, as you can hang this up on any empty wall. Pair with a foldable chair for maximum space efficiency and you’ll be good to go!

Buy it now: $249.00

Urban Outfitters All-Purpose Kitchen Storage Tower
This one’s for all you mini-fridge users: to save even more kitchen space, try this storage tower that fits neatly over your fridge to house all your pantry items. It’s a super simple way to clear up much-needed counter space.

Buy it now: $129.00

Urban Outfitters Hideaway Desk
This Mid-Century-inspired floating desk folds up, making it the perfect home office option for the tiniest room or nook. Use the top ledge as a floating shelf to create even more storage and revel in your smart use of wall space. 

Buy it now: $229.00

HOP Coat Rack
This is SO much more than a coat rack. It’s actually more like a plant stand, coat rack, shelf hybrid—the solution to all your small entryway storage problems. 

Buy it now: $324.44

This lucite console is another entryway space saver. It blends right into your wall, is the perfect height and shape for basket storage underneath, and most importantly, looks totally chic. 
Umbra Hexa Side Table
We love the hexagon shape of these side tables, and not just because of their geometric nature. Buy three and they can easily become your moving, mix-and-match coffee or side tables that can adjust to your living room’s needs.

Buy it now: $50.00

Swenyo Wallace Shelving System
This new modular shelving system from SWENYO has the potential to be a major game changer for people with small spaces looking for an adaptable and multifunctional shelving experience. There are different sizes created for various purposes and rooms of your home—and we want every. Single. One. (Can you tell we’re excited about this product?)

Learn more about the product at Indiegogo. 

This tiny side table can be used in almost any room in your tiny home, including, but not limited to, your bedroom, bathroom, hallways, entryway, or living room. Need we say more?
Poppin Block Party Lounge Gilligan
To start, all of Poppin’s lounge seating features tool-free assembly. (Cue sigh of relief.) It doesn’t stop there—the backrest can be used as a surface for your laptop, you can mix and match colors as you please, and you can change up your seating arrangement depending on which pieces you purchase. 

Buy it now: $3,846.00

Urban Outfitters Leni Leaning Mirror
Ideal for an entryway or bedroom, this leaning mirror-ladder-combo serves as a catchall for your stuff as you run out the door (and arrive home!) and a mirror for a last look, of course. 

Buy it now: $139.00

If the addition of a mirror isn’t what you’re looking for, opt instead for a ladder. Hang or drape clothing, purses, and even magazines on your ladder rungs for shallow storage in narrow spaces. 
Go Anywhere Desktop
This desk rolls, raises, and lowers, making this “go anywhere” desk the most convenient thing to happen to your small bedroom-turned workspace. 

Buy it now: $48.20

We’re kind of crazy in love with this shelf, mostly because it can be so many things! Specifically used in three different ways… 
Urban Outfitters Tower Bathroom Storage Cart
A slim, rolling cart with hooks for towels is just what tiny bathrooms need. It’s a great alternative to a mounted wall unit or over-the-toilet shelving situation. 

Buy it now: $69.00

Use the top of this wall unit as a floating shelf… And storage space behind the white doors to hide your stuff that won’t fit in your already full junk drawer. (It’s okay, we won’t tell.)
Pejl Wall Mounted Bedside Table
No space for a full side table? This Scandinavian design is all you need—a rack for your books and magazines and a cupholder for your drink. 

But it now: $104.00

Crate and Barrel Table In A Bag
If you have a small space, chances are you have a teeny tiny outdoor space or are stranded without one at all. Keep this table, that conveniently rolls up to be stored in a bag, handy for summertime picnics. 

Buy it now: $49.00

Pro tip: Your TV console can be used as a dresser. Yes, that means getting rid of all those old DVDs, but the cleaning out will be worth the multifunctional furniture. 
Why hang a mirror above a shelf when you can simply have a mirror attached to a built-in shelf? This product is perfect for a mini vanity or a casual entryway.
Tower Magazine Rack and Table
We know a lot about storing (and hoarding) magazines, and are in a deep, deep love with this side table. 

Buy it now: $69.99

Use this mini hanging rack to plan your outfits for the week ahead—and keep your closet (and room!) organized. 
Urban Outfitters Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack
Avoid the constant messy pile of shoes with this genius wall-mounted shoe rack. The chic display and functional storage aspect of this rack might just inspired us to buy one… Or five. 

Buy it now: $39.00

No space for a bedside table or lamp? An on-trend, metallic sconce is a natural solution.
When your kitchen comes with limited (or no) storage, look to rolling racks and floating shelves to save the day. Specifically, this incredible, six shelf unit that will add a bit of industrial sophistication to any space.
Easily stackable plates are an underrated kitchen accessory. We’re especially digging this crisp, white set for summer. 
What’s better than stackable plates? Stackable, color-coded tupperware, created for easy storage and refrigerator organization. 
Brimnes Dressing Table
Use this dressing table as a desk by day and a vanity by morning and night. The built-in mirror is convenient and there’s tons of hidden storage.

Buy it now: $100.00

Whether you opt to use this skinny, small accent table as a side table-turned-TV dinner table, an entryway conversation piece, or a reading nook accessory, it’s sure to serve your space well.
Flexitable Balcony Table
Tiny apartments are usually accompanied by a tiny balcony. This Swedish design expands to meet your table size needs seating up to four people. Yes, FOUR.

Buy it now: $344.00