We’ve prepared a fantastic collection of 30 small pool models! The sun is up and a lazy afternoon by the water will recharge your batteries in no time. Round, rectangle, egg or star shaped, the basins fit in modest gardens or wagon like courtyards. Do not worry if the space is limited. The pools are available in a wide range of models and benefit from smart technologies. Thus, they can be installed above or in-ground and decorated with lighting spots, flower pots, wooden decks and many more. Explore our selection and let us know if you enjoyed the projects!

Perfect for a slim courtyard, this rectangular in-ground pool offers space for swimming and relaxation. The terraced landscaped made the overall design look dynamic, with interesting visual effect. The imposing concrete flower pots add a grandiose touch to the pool.

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Small pool with Jacuzzi

Would you like to enjoy a constantly agitated water in the pool? Then opt for a Jacuzzi with massaging jets. You should also consider the sizes of both pool and courtyard not to obtain a disproportioned visual effect.

Urban small pool

Landscape designers know how to transform every little corner into a paradise. This long, rectangular pool integrates easily in the backyard. The space is protected by indiscrete viewers with a tall fence and adjacent plants. As for the exterior furniture, the set of grey comfy chaise lounges integrates perfectly in the décor.

The red bricks pavement contracts very beautifully with the clear water

Small pool plants and shrubs

How to address the landscape around a pool? If you want to experience the feeling of a paradisiac oasis, the plants should be lush and colorful. Also, be attentive not to plant herbs with dropping leaves — they will go directly into the water. So, clean and luxuriant are the best characteristics your plants should have. For example, the bird of paradise – it features broad, large leaves and a vivid flower.

Enliven the space with plants

A tropical plant palette featuring intensely coloured flowers is excellent for boosting the atmosphere of a swimming pool and decking area. There are also many plant varieties with interesting vegetation that will create much needed texture and foliage suitable for your garden. Do not forget about the perennials (plants that don’t die after flowering) that can add permanent colour without creating a litter. When the flowers die, they remain on the plant until trimmed off, keeping them out of the swimming pool. You have to spend more time relaxing by your pool instead of cleaning it.

Chaise lounges and canopies are perfect for relaxation by the pool. Available in a wide range of systems and materials, they will bring a colorful spot in the area.

A small pool and a fire pit nearby

A noble scenery featuring wrought iron furniture, lush vegetation and a crystal clear pond

A swimming pool flooded by natural light

Fairy like visual effects in the evening

Combing rich vegetation with a wooden decking creates a natural landscape by the pool

I’ve never thought a transparent glass parapet can change the look of a pool so amazingly…

Transparent gliding doors near the pool

Incredible view: a high-end stylish living room overlooking a calm pool

A beautiful oasis with a natural landscape

A classic décor relying on symmetry and well set proportions. If you want to animate the pool, install springs or little water falls nearby.

Close to the entrance, the pool is a magnificent place that animates the area.

Clear décors are very intense and beautiful. This is also the case with the one above, a ‘silent’ scenery that enjoys a woodside nearby.