Buy It: $100   

Menu Dropp! Fruit Bowl: Like a splash of bright paint, this fun bowl will bring color and energy to your tabletop. It’s made of flexible silicone so it’s safe to leave out around children.

Buy It: $26   

Rotation Fruit Bowl: A game-changer! This adjustable fruit bowl opens to 15″ in diameter and folds up for easy storage when you don’t need it.

Buy It: $21   

Spectrum Starburst: Weighty and strong and sure to last. Its distinctive fanned-out shape makes an impressive statement wherever used.

Buy It: $100   

Alessi Blow Up Basket: Thin rods of hand-welded stainless steel transform chaos into organization. It’s a piece of modern art for the table.

Buy It: $116   

Fantastico Domestico Whale: Seletti’s line of animal-shaped fruit bowls are overflowing with charm and personality. Vivid fluorescent accents visually “pop” from the curvaceous metal frame.

Buy It: $149   

Fantastico Domestico Pig: Here’s a sweet and stylish pig version from the same collection. This one is decorated with bright green accents to bring out the fresh tones of the fruit you put inside it.

Buy It: $149   

Fantastico Domestico Elephant: Perfect for fans of these intelligent and majestic animals, this elephant fruit bowl raises its trunk up high to make a spectacular artistic dining room centerpiece or kitchen decoration.

Buy It: $150   

Nambé Butterfly Bowl: Smooth, asymmetrical, and incredibly elegant, this sculptural design will become a cherished part of any tableware collection. Its sand-cast and hand-polished surface is suitable for a variety of purposes like serving hot food or holding chilled fruit. It’s part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

Buy It: $118   

Pi Bowl: Here’s a stylish piece ideal for number crunchers and science enthusiasts. The digits of pi swirl around the edges of the bowl, mathematically sound and structurally durable.

Buy It: $110   

Alessi Mediterranean Fruit Bowl: Need something to fit your nautical or tropical theme? This is your bowl! It would make a stunning gift for ocean-lovers because its matte white finish makes sure it fits smoothly in any interior.

Buy It: $56   

Stanza Dello Scirocco: Steel rectangles connect at precarious yet sturdy points to give this sculptural piece a weightless appeal.

Buy It: $110   

La Rosa: Here’s another amazing piece from Alessi – steel cut into the shape of stylized roses, coated with platinum white epoxy resin. This entire series is extremely versatile!

Buy It: $32   

Koziol Eve Fruit Bowl: Available in transparent red and solid black, this design catches the eye immediately. Use it as a centerpiece or as a bold accent.

Buy It: $120   

Kaleidos from Alessi: Talented designer Naoko Shintani designed the Kaleidos bowl in the style of Japanese origami. Folded metal sheets come together in crisp lines, with light and shadow playing across the surface for an engaging viewing experience.

Buy It: $15   

Chrome Flower Fruit Bowl: Steel wire shaped into cheerful little flowers lends this bowl a delicate and elegant aesthetic with a sturdy construction. Such a charming piece!

Buy It: $13   

Spectrum Circles Round Bowl: Available in black or white, this piece keeps fruit off the countertop and amazing for its price. These open bowl designs allow plenty of air circulation to keep fruits fresh longer.

Buy It: $38   

Mesh Bowl: This FORM design award winner flaunts a fluid profile yet maintains the rigidity and structure of its steel construction. Its closely woven design works equally well for large fruits and small snacks like nuts, without obstructing airflow.

Buy It: $46  

Black+Blum Fruit Loop: Handmade from a single piece of chromed steel wire, the Fruit Loop has a cool dynamic form that brings a sense of motion to the table. It’s sculptural and practical.

Buy It: $75   

Knotted Rope Bowl: Would you have guessed this bowl isn’t rope at all? It’s actually crafted from resin and marble, but the level of detail is incredibly convincing. Guests will feel compelled to reach out and touch it just to see.

Buy It: $118   

HUG Bowl: Perhaps one of the most minimalistic bowls when it comes to refining form in favor of function, HUG simply surrounds its contents to contain them.

Buy It: $25 & $44   

Yuma Fruit Bowl: Five pieces easily assemble and disassemble for easy space-conscious storage.

Buy It: $29   

Enrico Mango Wood Bowl: Reclaimed mango wood ensures this piece is as easy on the environment as it is on the eyes. Each bowl is carved by hand, transforming each one into a perfectly one-of-a-kind sculpture for the table or shelf.

Buy It: $45   

Bellagio Bowl: Natural bamboo contributes to this bowl’s smart and sophisticated design. Its lines are vertical rather than sloping for a distinctive look that flatters any interior.

Buy It: $27   

Cork Bowl: Multipurpose and minimalistic , this bowl’s low sides put fruit and vegetables proudly on display.

Buy It: $25   

Unfinished Hardwood Bowl: Hand-turned from a single piece of hardwood by artisans at the Holland Bowl Mill, this beautiful piece is ready to accent a minimalistic interior or become part of your next DIY project.

Buy It: $25  

Lacquered Bamboo Bowl: Here’s another great bowl for those who desire a more simple and streamlined aesthetic. This one is made of strips of eco-friendly bamboo and finished with food-safe lacquer, sure to make your salads look beautiful.

Buy It: $70   

Concrete Fruit Bowl: This sturdy concrete bowl provides the perfect final touch for your industrial decor theme. Thanks to its FDA approved sealer, it also works well forr serving salads or meals.

Buy It: $58   

Spiral Leaf Bowl: Folded and formed by hand, this stoneware bowl has such a soft and organic form it almost looks as if it’s made of fabric.

Buy It: $17   

Bonison DIY Compote Bowl: Derived from the Old French word for mixture, Compote today refers to a dessert made of fruit cooked in syrup. The bowl itself is composed of modular ribs easily arranged to suit your style. Bonison makes two kits – one colorful and one black and white.

Buy It: $27   

Porcelain Bowl With Toes: This handmade porcelain snack holder makes up for its tiny size with its unusual and conspicuous form. It stands on three toes – human sized toes. Your guests won’t be able to stop talking about it.

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