30 Minimal Christmas Decor Ideas for The Subtle-Lovers Out There

1. DIY Branch Stocking Display

DIY Branch Stocking Display

That simple fallen branch in your yard can be transformed into a breathtaking piece of Xmas decor. Hang two or more stockings on the branch and some fresh greens to add a pop of color to the display, securing it to a wall.

DIY Details : themerrythought

2. Geometric Xmas Tree Ornaments

Geometric Xmas Tree Ornaments

Add a geometric touch to Christmas tree ornaments, going for the idea of subtle and pretty instead of glam and glitz. Let origami work wonders and create diamond-shaped ornaments, simply hanging them on the tree with twine or strings.

DIY Details : myscandinavianhome

3. Minimal DIY Wreaths

Minimal DIY Wreaths

Beautiful, festive-looking wreaths are a definite Christmas decor staple. Idle Hands Awake takes you through 7 minimalist yet stunning wreaths coming in a variety of shapes, decor elements and styles. Oh yes, even more amazing is the clever upcycling the wreaths are constructed with!

DIY Details : idlehandsawake

4. Leaf-Loaded Ornaments

Leaf-Loaded Ornaments

Every Christmas tree doesn’t really need to be all lusciously glamorous. Infact, keeping it soothingly natural with ornaments loaded with even more of fresh greens and leaves is an oh so wonderful idea. Simply grab store-bought glass ornaments and fill them with your choice of leaves and hang!

DIY Details : pin.it

5. Simple Christmas Tree Display

Simple Christmas Tree Display

Tiny string lights are glorious yet subtle enough to keep things minimal when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. Wrap lights around a tree installment done inside a rustic basket, filling the bottom with faux snow or chains of glass ornaments.

DIY Details : themerrythought

6. Twinkly Lights

Twinkly Lights

Ditch a whole bundle of colors when it comes to going for lights, and adopt a monochrome theme for choosing decoration string lights. How this inspiration puts bright silver lights to use and shapes them like a star is simply mesmerising.

DIY Details : nyde.co.uk

7. Simple Holiday Gift Wrapping

Simple Holiday Gift Wrapping

Fresh greens and joyful holiday cheers come hand in hand to get those Christmas gifts wrapped in a way that makes a bold statement. Kraft paper decorated with red twine or stark black wrapping paper adorned with fresh greens looks glorious.

DIY Details : laurenkelp

8. Hanging Stars Assembly

Hanging Stars Assembly

Looking so rightly balanced in terms of the sparkling factors, this assembly of all white stars is actually made out of clay, wherein the stars hang from a thick branch to introduce a rustic appeal into the decor.

DIY Details : pin.it

9. Felt Christmas Trees

Felt Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are often associated with a bright color scheme of green, and making them all about grey is not only minimalist, but something out-of-the-box too. Each of these mini Xmas trees is built using felt cut-outs and sport a totally unique shape.

DIY Details : mariannedebourg

10. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

That front door wreath has shrunk into equally beautiful versions of themselves, working as wonderful rosemary dining place cards for the dining table. You need mini grapevine wreaths, fresh rosemary bunch, floral wire, scissors, baker’s twine, and name cards.

DIY Details : camillestyles

11. Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Scandinavian Christmas Tree

A large and luscious, 7.5 feet Jasper tree is adorned with beautifully minimal ornaments, yet making a huge impact. The 3 different varieties of ornaments include tree shaped card stock tags, shiny and matte rose gold ornaments, and felt wool ball garlands.

DIY Details : homeyohmy

12. Wire Star-Shaped Wreath

Wire Star-Shaped Wreath

It perhaps, can’t get any simpler than this front door wreath that features a lovely star shape worked up with wire, coupled up with a bunch of fresh greens hanging on one side. For extra decor, add ribbon bows or felt stars.

DIY Details : pin.it

13. A Greeting

A Greeting

While felt ball garlands wrap the Christmas tree with utmost grace, some special charm is added with star-shaped ornaments and glass balls hanging on its branches. Adorn the table with even more glass balls, candles and pinecones in a serving tray.

DIY Details : housenumber15.blogspot

14. Less is More

Less is More

The whole idea behind this decor signifying the meaning of ‘Less is More’ is to stick to a mostly white backdrop for little elements of decorations that may include leafy bunches, pinecones or rustic twine wraps.

DIY Details : kristinalynne

15. Scandinavian Tree Ornaments

Scandinavian Tree Ornaments

Not only is cardstock a budget-friendly craft supply to make Christmas ornaments, it yields some surprisingly gorgeous end results too. Just like these cardstock stars, snowflakes, and grey-hued hangings combined with wire mesh ornaments.

DIY Details : kristinalynne

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